BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL) drives standards. By influencing decision making across the design, strategy, and management of projects in civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping, and the public realm, BREEAM Infrastructure facilitates the adoption of best practice.

This leads to better performance and sustainability outcomes, and it enables project teams to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to the sustainable development agenda. Since the scheme began in 2003, more than 900 project teams have used BREEAM Infrastructure to achieve and certify their sustainability goals.

Find out why BREEAM Infrastructure is the industry’s sustainability assessment tool of choice by browsing our case studies below.


Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai completed eight BREEAM Infrastructure assessments in their bid to become one of the most sustainable world expos of all time. Find out the full details here.

Learn more about the Expo 2020 Dubai project.

Expo 2020 Dubai Al Wasl Plaza

BREEAM Infrastructure Case Studies

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Stockholm Metro Nacka project awarded Excellent

The Stockholm Metro Nacka Extension is awarded Excellent, showing Stockholm's commitment to sustainable urban development ...

Stockholm Metro Sofia access tunnel a BREEAM Infrastructure success

BREEAM Infrastructure is helping Stockholm expand it's Metro to boost public transport and support sustainable urban growth ...
Stockholm Extended Metro access tunnel Sundstabacken achieves CEEQUAL Excellent rating

Stockholm Extended Metro access tunnel Sundstabacken achieves CEEQUAL Excellent rating

The Stockholm Metro extension aims to boost public transport capacity by growing the system. Building metro infrastructure in a dense ...
E08-Forberedende-arbeider-BREEAM Infrastructure

Preparatory works for the new water treatment system in Oslo achieves BREEAM Infrastructure Excellent rating

The preparatory works for the new water treatment system in Oslo, ordered by 2028 achieves BREEAM Infrastructure Excellent ...

BREEAM Infrastructure News

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BREEAM Infrastructure certified Ramsdaal bridge on E39 in Norway
| BREEAM News, CEEQUAL News, News

BRE partners with Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia and Grønn Byggallianse to drive sustainability in Spain and Norway

BRE has partnered with Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG) and Grønn Byggallianse (NGBC) to deliver BREEAM Infrastructure Foundations training and ...
BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts Whitepaper

BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts Whitepaper

| biodiversity, CEEQUAL News, net zero
BREEAM infrastructure Term Contracts provide a method for responsibly and efficiently managing your infrastructure maintenance to future-proof networks. It enhances ...
Sustainable Rail construction Leeds Station

Transpennine Route Upgrade Sets Sustainability Benchmark with BREEAM Infrastructure “Excellent” Award

Leeds Station Capacity Project, a part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade, achieves BREEAM Infrastructure "Excellent", setting a new standard in ...

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