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How Üserhuus showed the potential of efficient configurable housing

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A cost-effective quality housing solution for mainstream homes, hostels, and other accommodations.

Userhuus Configurable Housing Details

Tigh Grian Ltd was set up to provide cost-effective quality housing for mainstream homes, hostels and other accommodations.

Each house comprised of volumetric units with dimensions 4.9m by 9.9m and can be built as single storey or up to 4 storeys, in number of configurations.

The volumetric units arrived on site ready to be lifted onto pre-prepared foundations and service connections. The lifting bolt for each unit acts as an additional robust link for improved structural soundness. The two houses were assembled in 6 hours and were watertight at the end of the process.

Tigh Grian’s Üserhuus at BRE Science Park
Tigh Grian’s Üserhuus at BRE Science Park

Key features of Üserhuus

The factory production line of swift manufacturing solutions in Newtown, mid-Wales, ensured high-quality and consistent construction finish, guaranteeing thermal and structural performance.

The houses benefitted from:

  • Off-site volumetric system

  • Structural insulated panel system (SIPS)

  • Integrated photovoltaic roof with terracotta effect to blend into the roof tiles

  • Battery storage for energy use

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Other homes in the Innovation Zone

Other homes in the Innovation Zone

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