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Care home energy efficiency

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Use our bespoke energy efficiency tool to identify upgrades for a more energy efficient care home, save money and reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

This bespoke energy

This bespoke energy assessment was developed by BRE. It helps residential care homes operators identify the most appropriate improvements to make to their buildings. Time to see return on investment could be as low as one year.

About BRE’s care home energy efficiency tool

About BRE’s care home energy efficiency tool

We provide guidance on ways to fund and procure energy efficiency improvements as well as information on how to find suppliers and contractors.

The development of this website was funded by the former Government department for Business Environment and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). BRE is an entirely independent organisation which is part of the BRE Trust charity. All of the profits we make from our services go to fund new research and education programmes.

How it works

How it works

Find out more about how to improve the energy efficiency of your care home. The process starts with assessing your care home, and we provide guidance at each stage from funding to procurement.

Feature Shortform

Energy efficiency assessment tool

Find out which are the most effective energy efficiency improvements you could make to your care home and the costs and benefits of these upgrades. The simple version of the assessment takes just five minutes to complete.

Funding for improvements

You may be eligible for funding to help with the costs of care home energy efficiency improvements. Find out about national and local finance initiatives and funding options available to assist with the work.

Procurement for improvements

Find out how to commission and purchase materials and labour for energy efficiency upgrades. Our guide contains advice on how to gather quotes, select a contractor, agree contracts and avoid risks along the way.

Suppliers and products

Finding trusted products, suppliers and installers is vital to ensure that your upgrades are safe, reliable and maximise the energy efficiency gains. We provide links to websites and listings to find accredited and certified companies.

Energy efficiency standards

Find the latest information on energy efficiency standards, building regulations and planning.

Why energy efficiency matters

Why energy efficiency matters

Improving the energy efficiency of your building has many benefits, including:

  • Reducing your energy costs and enable you to make continued year on year financial savings.
  • Improving the comfort of your home for your residents and staff.
  • Helping to tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gases.
Why energy efficiency matters