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We help you manage and plan energy use for efficient, sustainable and cost-effective results.

Our approach to energy management

Our approach to energy management

BRE’s research into the energy efficiency has built the foundation for the EPC rating system and the SAP assessment procedure.

Our world-leading standard, BREEAM, makes sure that energy use is a key consideration for every certified building. We train and certify new energy Inspectors and Assessors every year through the BRE Academy.

Safety and compliance are critical. Our large on-site facility for testing heat, light and energy storage products and services.

BRE’s expertise in energy management

We advise on energy management

As a leader in energy management systems, we’ve spent decades advising our clients on how to improve approaches to energy. We advise on all aspects of energy technology, design and management. Our clients include governments, global organisations and private clients across residential, commercial, industrial and public sector projects. Our deep knowledge and extensive data means our advice is robust, actionable, and offers the lowest whole-life costs. See our energy advisory work in action at the Ombú building in Chile, and one of San Francisco’s oldest buildings

Supporting planning applications with energy strategies

BRE’s experts have extensive experience of producing energy strategies on behalf of developers. Whether for a small-scale project or a major mixed-use development, our strategies are informed by detailed modelling work based on established and respected calculation methods such as SAP and SBEM.

We understand the need to liaise closely with local stakeholders coupled with our technical knowledge of different technologies ensures a smoother path through the planning process.

Powerful tools and calculators

Our customisable design tools and calculators help to shape decision making at every project stage, from policymaking and product selection, right down to the wiring and placement of every bulb.

Energy modelling

There is growing demand for modelling the energy flows into and out of buildings. Whether to solve a tricky design problem, demonstrate compliance with regulations, investigate poor performance or generate an Energy Performance Certificate, building energy modelling is an essential service for designers, owners and operators alike.

Our Building Energy Modelling team has extensive experience in operating a variety of energy modelling tools, and is adept at providing the optimum solutions – matching particular tasks to the most appropriate tool. We help our clients by providing specialist services which:

·      Assess alternative design and ventilation strategies

·      Diagnose overheating problems

·      Explore potential improvement options

·      Evaluate the implications of EPCs for new and existing buildings

·      Assess the energy performance of building portfolios.