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Learn about how our expertise is being used to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges in the built environment, like climate change.

BRE helps companies respond to these challenges:

Our homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure face increasing pressure from climate change: rising temperatures and extreme weather events, like fire and flood. Resilience is the way that assets, networks and systems anticipate, absorb, adapt and recover from these extreme events, and the longer term challenges.

BRE helps companies respond to these challenges:


Climate resilience

Climate change impacts buildings, energy, transport, IT and infrastructure. From high wind speeds and extreme cold weather to overheating and drought, buildings must rapidly adapt to changing environmental conditions. 

Understanding these trends and their impact on how we live is the first step in designing new ways to improve buildings and move towards a more sustainable future.

We have produced research on the resilience of developments to high temperatures and flooding for the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) of the Committee on Climate Change.

Through its testing and verification service, BRE supports companies in demonstrating how effectively their innovations protect buildings and the people that use them, from the impact of climate change.

Our certification scheme, BREEAMunderpins our work in climate resilience and the built environment. 

Flood resilience

Changing rainfall patterns around the world are causing more floods and the built environment must adapt quickly to this environmental challenge.

At the  Flood Resilient Repair House in the BRE Science Park, this adapted Victorian terraced house showcases a range of techniques that prevent floodwater entering the building, and minimising the consequences of flood water damage.

We also make publications by leading academics available at the BRE Bookshop, such as: Climate resilience: A collection of BRE expert guidance on managing climate risks in the built environment and Applying flood resilience technologies.

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