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The safety of people undergoing treatment in a mental health facility is critical. Their safety can often be affected by the products selected for these environments.

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It’s essential that new and existing products used in mental health settings are assessed for self-harm risks using an independent and standard approach. The Testing Guidance for Products in Mental Health Facilities enables manufacturers to confidently declare the performance of their product. It also enables specifiers and procurers to make safer choices for their clients.

Informed Choices: Testing Guidance for Products in Mental Health Facilities

Until now, there hasn’t been a standardised method of evaluating products for use in mental health settings. Our independent testing team has provided a solution.

In consultation with industry and collaboration with the Design in Mental Health Network (DiMHN) BRE has developed a detailed testing guide, with input from over 60 contributors.

The Testing Guidance for Products in Mental Health provides testing methodologies for materials, fixtures and hardware that have been specifically designed for use within mental healthcare facilities. It brings together the many disparate requirements for these products into one document to help suitably qualified experts to choose the most appropriate product.

This guide uses the Products for Mental Health Safeguarding (ProMHS) scheme to evaluate the performance of products.

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