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BRE is here to contribute to a thriving and sustainable world by developing science-led solutions to built environment challenges. Our vision is to be the world-leading innovation, science, and data hub for the built environment.
Case studies
IKEA uses BREEAM to build a greener future.
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Lidl choose BREEAM to become market leaders in sustainability.
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BREEAM Infrastructure supports flood defence project in Norway to reduce flood risk in city of Mjøndalen.
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Worcester County Council choose BREEAM Infrastructure for regional rail interchange
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BREEAM USA gives Oaks Mall in California a greener future.
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Discover our BREEAM training
Let our extensive building science knowledge solve your built environment challenges and realise your net zero ambitions. We provide strategic support and insight to national and local government, commercial and not-for-profit organisations delivering collaborative projects that make a difference.
Certification and listings
Third-party certification lets customers know that your products and services will reliably do the jobs that they are intended to do. And it demonstrates that products and services meet appropriate standards, which can give access to new markets.
Expert witness
We draw on internationally recognised fire, construction and built environment professionals to provide investigation, technical arbitration, technical dispute resolution and expert witness services.
Our track record of building research is second to none. From providing homes for soldiers returning from World War 1, to the resilience of today’s buildings to climate change, we have been at the forefront of research and development for a century.
As well as contributing to building regulations and managing codes and standards for government, our teams develop our own standards in partnership with external experts and industry. We do this to help ensure that products or service perform as they should, and to support the introduction of new and unproven technologies.
We pride ourselves on being able to provide the answer to virtually any construction-related testing question.
The ongoing skills shortage remains one of the construction industry’s greatest challenges, but also presents exciting opportunities for you to boost your business and career by gaining skills through training.
Verification and listings
Verifications from BRE Global provide customers with confidence that your company’s claims are credible, through a process of independent assessment and validation of evidence you put forward in respect of your product, service, or practice.