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Setting the highest standards to minimise risk and protect the people living and working in buildings.

Safety must be the primary concern

Safety must be the primary concern of everyone designing, constructing, managing and maintaining buildings, communities and infrastructure. At BRE, we offer a wide range of services to help make sure that safety risks are minimised and regulatory requirements are met. Security products and services approved by LPCB and listed in the RedBook play an important role in protecting people and property against damage, crime and fire.



BRE provides a confidential research and consultancy service to reduce health and safety risks, and increase comfort and wellbeing, in the workplace, schools, homes and other built environments.

Our wide-ranging research and consultancy includes:

Our wide-ranging research and consultancy includes:
  • Assessing and managing risks associated with chemicals, micro-organisms, particles, asbestos and man-made mineral fibres in buildings and in transport.
  • Landfill and other ground gases; monitoring, evaluating risks and problem solving.
  • Building-related health problems such as sick building syndrome and legionnaires disease.
  • Safety, accessibility and accidents in buildings
  • Occupant surveys, questionnaire design and data analysis.

BRE Academy provides a range of widely respected health and safety training courses.

BRE Academy provides a range of widely respected fire and safety training.

YellowJacket Health and Safety Construction Site software enables you to monitor and report on construction site safety.



We work to enhance the security of buildings and protect people and property against crime. Improved security can have many benefits for the safety and wellbeing of people and communities. We can help you with correctly specifying approved building security systems and products. We also use design and management strategies to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Fire safety

Fire safety

Our fire team is an integral part of the fire safety industry in the UK and internationally, and has been for many decades. Our unique track record of fire research, testing and developing standards enables us to offer an exceptional range of services to the fire safety market. 

Our experts cover all aspects of fire detection and fire alarm systems including fire detectors, fire warning devices, components and fire systems used in industrial, commercial and domestic environments.

We work with industry and UK government to set the standards for fire products and services. RedBook lists all LPCB-approved products and services and has become the industry’s go-to specification guide.

Fire safety design

  • Fire safety design: we have been involved in the development of fire safety engineering guidance and associated standards and codes, and are ideally qualified to help you with all stages of project design.
  • Fire research: with one of the largest and most advanced set of fire research facilities in Europe, we offer research services on all fire issues concerning buildings and infrastructure.
  • Fire testing: we offer extensive laboratory facilities for fire detection and suppression research and testing.
  • Fire investigation: We investigate fires to learn lessons and improve regulations, and to examine the performance of buildings and the management of incidents. 
  • Fire-related training courses: BRE Academy offers a range of training courses, many of which are recognised by industry bodies. Courses range from fire safety awareness to fire risk assessor and practical fire door inspection. Position your organisation for long-term success by developing your workforce through enterprise training for the manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, and public sectors.

Electronic security card

Electronic Security

BRE’s electronic security team possesses a high level of knowledge and expertise which is applied to the provision of UKAS-accredited testing and certification services for a range of intrusion detection products, access control systems and components.

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