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Why ZEDpods are suitable housing solutions for key workers

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ZEDpods are modular homes designed to create affordable housing for young people and key workers close to amenities, using the space above outdoor car parks.

Zedpods Details

Designed to make use of the space above car parks and create homes for key workers and young people close to employment, such as hospitals, ZEDpods are super insulated. The ZEDpods are net zero carbon, and use integrated roof mounted solar panels to charge a LIPO4 battery store. The pod sits on rubber pads, isolating any vibration from the steel frame.

How are ZEDpods constructed?

The building control compliant pods have superinsulation, vapour permeable draught proofed construction, heat recovery ventilation, refrigerant panel water and space heating, aluminium clad triple glazing, hot dip galvanised structural frame with timber infill panels and external insulation.

The external envelope is constructed from fireproof, durable and robust materials. The ZEDpods are net-zero carbon, and use integrated roof mounted solar panels to charge a LIPO4 battery store, meaning they may only need to connect to the grid for c.30 % of the year.

The pods are constructed off-site in the UK, and can be erected in a matter of days with a forklift.
They have a patented raft foundation that exerts no more pressure on existing tarmac than a conventional vehicle.

ZEDFactory’s ZEDpod demonstration home at the BRE Science Park
ZEDFactory’s ZEDpod demonstration home at the BRE Science Park

Key features of ZEDpods

  • No toxic materials, no urea-based insulation systems, low-VOC paints and adhesives, vapour
    permeable, breathing wall construction all improve environmental air quality

  • While galvanised steel internal frames with treated timber softwood studs are counter battened to minimise thermal bridging

  • External envelope includes 0.16 U-value Roof: 140mm Knauf Ecose recycled Mineral wool with zero formaldehyde binder in between rafters @ 600mm centres with a further 100mm Ecose above inside counter battens or 100 mm woodfibre board

  • 0.2 U value Walls: 2 No 100mm Knauf Ecose Mineral wool in between in between studs @ 600cc counter battened to avoid thermal bridging or 100 mm woodfibre board

  • 0.13 U-value Floor: 150mm Knauf Ecose Mineral wool in between joists @ 600mm centres, 100mm Knauf Ecose Mineral wool in between cross battens @ 600mm centres or 100 mm woodfibre board

  • Airtightness: 1.3 ACH at 50 Pa

  • Heat recovery through wall ventilation fan providing fresh air with over 80% efficient heat recovery from extracted stale air, allow ventilation without opening windows

  • Triple glazed low ‘E’ Rationel windows and doors 0.89 U value with low maintenance aluminium cills and flashings and good acoustic performance

  • OSB floor with acoustic underfelt and wood flooring panels

  • Integrated kitchen with induction hob, microwave and fridge and LED lighting throughout

  • Integrated wet room with water saving taps and spray showers plus hand wash basin

  • 25 year guarantee EPDM roof
    BIPV Himin

  • ZED monocrystalline solar electric roof – BRE MCS approved for feed in tariff

  • 25 year life thermally treated weatherboarded cladding and balcony decking with option for pre painted cement board lapboarding or through colour cement board panels as options

  • Party walls exactly as per timber frame robust details with no structural connection between homes and non combustible rockwool insulated acoustic and vibration isolation cavity

  • Fireproof cement board soffit finish above parking bays M&E

  • Space heating peak load: 1.6kW (excluding internal gains) supplied by evaporator plate heat pump and integrated Cylinder supplies heat to an 2.0kW peak at 50’c low flow temp eco-rad

  • PV: 9 Panel 2.25kW system producing 2100 kW/per Annum average installation

  • Battery Storage: approx 3kWh of communal lithium iron phosphate battery storage capacity/Pod

  • LED lights throughout

  • The support structure is heavy duty welded steel with rubber buffers to absorb vehicle impact


Other homes in the Innovation Zone

Other homes in the Innovation Zone

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