BRE has developed a scheme for individuals offering certification pathways to demonstrate competence, giving employers and customers the confidence that you provide the highest level of service which meets – and continues to meet – what is needed and expected, in alignment with the appropriate international standards.

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  • – BIM Informed Professional Certification
  • – BIM Practitioner Certification
  • – Pathway to individual certification

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We offer two types of certification for individuals:

BIM Informed Professional Certification

Is this right for me?

– Yes, if you do not currently work within an ISO 19650-2:2018 project environment.

Ideal for policymakers, advisors, educationalists and construction professionals, who are implementing the BIM process.

Assessment: Demonstration of detailed knowledge and understanding of Information Management using BIM.

BIM Practitioner Certification

Ideal for project-based construction professionals applying an implemented information management process.

We offer Task Information Management (TIM) and Project Information Management (PIM) certification routes. You are able to apply for both routes if you wish.

Assessment: Certification assessment covers the detailed knowledge and understanding of information management using BIM. Applicants are also encouraged to provide project-based evidence where relevant.

Experience and evidence are not mandatory for applying to these certification routes but are beneficial. If you do not have experience of working within a BIM environment, or cannot provide project-based evidence, you will be required to include explanations and/or self-produced workflows instead.

Pathway to individual certification

1. Training

Complete BRE Academy ‘BIM Essentials ISO 19650’ & ‘Delivering Information Management’ Training

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2. Apply

Submit application for BIM certification

3. Submission

Complete and submit BRE certification assessment form


4. Assessment

BRE Auditor will assess your submission

5. Certification

A BRE certificate is issued following closure of any issues raised by the auditor

6. Maintenance

Certification is maintained through annual CPD and reassessment every 3 years

Individuals who have met and continue to meet certification scheme requirements are listed here:

BIM Certification Listings

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