Testing partition walls

Partitions are a crucial component of a building’s design and build. Modern partitions must be capable of withstanding various dynamic and static loadings. If not, the integrity and stability of the overall system could be impacted, potentially failing in service.

Parts 1 and 2 of BS 5234:1992 provide designers with a means to identify a suitable partition based on the range of use, through essential performance criteria relating to strength and robustness. This performance must be verified through independent tests. Part 2 of BS 5234:1992 provides the testing requirements for partition strength and robustness.

Why work with BRE

BRE offers support for partition manufacturers, panel manufacturers and modular system providers through a wide range of testing facilities. Testing at our facilities allows you to understand the suitability of the system in terms of potential end use. Because BRE is independent, you can trust the feedback provided, and our “one-stop” testing service will save you time and cost.

BRE can also support manufacturers that are looking to validate the sound insulation performance of partition systems through dedicated acoustics testing in our multi-function, UKAS accredited, sound transmission suites, and fire compartmentation requirements through the BRE fire resistance testing facilities.

What do we test

In order to establish the duty of the partition system we are required to test the following:

  • Resistance to damage from a small hard body impact and large soft body impact
  • Damage from door slamming
  • Stiffness

In addition to the tests required for determining partition duty, we can also undertake the optional tests for:

  • Crowd pressure
  • Lightweight and heavyweight anchorage tests.

How we can help

We can support you with the following:

  • Strength and robustness testing of new partitions systems, those in development or constructions already in-use in accordance with BS 5234:1992 Part 2
  • Acoustic testing of related products
  • Commercial research and development
  • Technical and fully referenced reports

Specwall introduced to the UK market following thorough BRE testing

By commissioning BRE to test their system, Specwall have been able to successfully determine product performance and use this information to bring the benefits of the system to the UK market.

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Martin Pickering, Project Director, Specwall