With more than fifty years of experience in fire research and one of the largest and most advanced fire experimental facilities in the UK

We can work with you on a diverse range of issues including:

Fire safety design – We can help you to design buildings that incorporate the latest fire safety engineering principles without hindering their function or appearance.

Fire engineering design – Buildings are becoming bigger, taller, deeper and more complex with multiple functions and occupancy.

Fire modelling – we pioneered the original development and application of CFD fire models for predicting the spread of smoke and heat from fires and continue to provide a world class service in this area. Using our CRISP model we also undertake modelling of human behaviour and evacuation.

Fire testing and research – our highly experienced team of research scientists and engineers operate one of the largest fire research and testing laboratories in Europe.

Fire risk assessment – A fire risk assessment will help you identify the fire hazards and risk in your organisation. We can help you to carry out the assessments and develop your fire safety strategy. Our experts also provide training in fire risk assessment.

Fire safety management – On large sites, such as business parks, hospitals and multi-tenanted areas, the management of fire safety can be complex and confusing. Our experts can help you with a comprehensive range of fire safety products and services.

Fire inspection services – Our expert and impartial inspection services ensure that fire protection systems operate effectively, and will continue to play their part in detecting, controlling and extinguishing fires.

Expert witness (Fire) – Our experts can help you with technical support, in-depth investigative analysis and independent reports on any legal matter related to the built environment.

For more information about our fire research service

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