Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 2009)

SAP 2009 information and downloads

Building regulations

The 2009 edition of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 2009) applies from October 2010 for compliance with building regulations in England & Wales (Part L) and in Scotland (Section 6), and from 31 October 2012 in Northern Ireland.

Energy Performance Certificates

SAP 2009 applies to the production of Energy Performance Certificates from 17 April 2011. This applies to all countries and both to new dwellings assessed using SAP and to existing dwellings assessed using RdSAP. The details of RdSAP as it applied up to 31 March 2012 are in the amended SAP 2009 document (see below).

A revised version of RdSAP applies from 1 April 2012, for details seeĀ here.

Download theĀ SAP 2009 documentĀ (October 2010) with amendments for RdSAP 2009 (March 2011)

Download the additionalĀ SAP conventionsĀ (September 2013)

Approved SAP 2009 software

Download theĀ current list of approved SAP 2009 softwareĀ (list dated 19 June 2014)

Approved RdSAP 2009 software

Download theĀ current list of approved RdSAP 2009 softwareĀ (list dated 12 February 2014)

Approved software for Green Deal Occupancy Assessments

Download theĀ current list of approved OA softwareĀ (list dated 28 April 2014)