BRE Ltd and Responsible Sourcing

BRC Ltd was first to seek certification for responsible sourcing

At an early stage, BRC recognised the market advantage of demonstrating the responsible sourcing of their products by third-party certification.


BRE Global developed a scheme, based on the BES 6001 responsible sourcing standard, to certify BRC’s products. This ground breaking approach posed many challenges, but resulted in a Eco-Reinforcement certification with a ‘Good’ rating. BRC has since won a key contract thanks in part to this certification.


Founded in 1908, BRC is the longest standing supplier of steel reinforcement in the UK


BRC were one of a number of stakeholders within the steel reinforcement industry who at an early stage recognised the importance and market advantage of demonstrating the responsible sourcing of their products by third-party certification. BRC was the first steel reinforcement fabricator to seek responsible sourcing certification.


BRE Global worked closely with a wide range of sector stakeholders to develop a robust scheme to certify the responsible sourcing of steel products for the reinforcement of concrete. The scheme, Eco-Reinforcement, is based on BES 6001 Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products and is now owned by Eco-Reinforcement Ltd. BRE Global offers independent third party certification services for this scheme.

It focused primarily on the organisational management, supply chain management, and environmental and social aspects of BRC's operation.

Expert BRE Global auditors visited a number of BRC sites across the UK to audit their performance.

Significant challenges were met in relation to BRC staff’s understanding of the nature of evidence required on-site to demonstrate compliance with the scheme. The ground breaking nature of the scheme with limited case history posed the greatest challenge. This was overcome through rigorous reading and understanding of the scheme documentation.


After careful analysis of the evidence, BRE Global awarded BRC Eco-Reinforcement certification with a ‘Good’ rating.

The act of undertaking Eco-Reinforcement certification meant that BRC had to examine a wide range of KPIs within their business. It can now demonstrate:

  • Its supply chain is based on responsible and ethical practices.
  • 100% of its supply chain materials is traceable to known ethical and responsible sources.
  • A wide range of environmentally sympathetic actions including carbon emissions, waste, employee training and links with local communities.
  • Independently verified responsible sourcing credentials. Clients are increasingly demanding formal responsible sourcing certification of the products they specify.

In 2010, BRC won a supply contract for reinforcing products where one key client requirement was proof of the responsible sourcing of the material.  BRC was in the unique position of being able to demonstrate this through their work with BRE Global. The client is confident that this will be the first of many similar contract requirements.

Following the award of this certificate a number of other steel reinforcement fabricators have engaged with BRE Global to secure Eco-Reinforcement certification.

BRC Ltd is committed to being a sustainable reinforcing steel fabricator and mesh producer. Our certification by BRE Global in February 2010 was a defining moment for BRC Ltd, the first fabricator to be certified to a responsible sourcing scheme.
– Julia Bloomer, Managing Director of BRC

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