A new health and safety system for Gratte Brothers with YellowJacket

A new health and safety system for Gratte Brothers with YellowJacket

Gratte Brothers is improving data quality around safety performance with YellowJacket, the only software that met its requirements for a unified SaaS solution.


Gratte Brothers Group is one of the UK’s leading independent building services companies.

They provide a complete range of electrical, mechanical, security and
commercial catering equipment services.

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Historically Gratte Brothers used Excel spreadsheets for recording data, however they were keen to move to an electronic health and safety software which could help collate statistics, identify trends and record data in a more effective manner.

One of the main challenges Gratte Brothers faced with their existing system was the inability to track data reliably.


The Site Management team couldn’t carry out any robust reporting, data analysis or checking if any actions were outstanding. Therefore, the search began to find a suitable system where they could carry out inspections and record both good/bad practice observations.

“YellowJacket has changed the way we report statistics on the whole and this can now be easily shown to the Directors at the monthly board meeting where they can see how the company is performing in terms of safety.”
– — Graham Hodis, Health & Safety Advisor, Gratte Brothers


Gratte Brothers knew that only a health and safety site monitoring and reporting software would be able to meet the organisation’s comprehensive set of requirements. After significant evaluations, Gratte Brothers chose to implement YellowJacket, the only software that could meet Gratte Brothers’ requirements for a unified true SaaS solution. Gratte Brothers currently has over 20 live projects with over 70 user accounts active on the system.

Health & Safety Advisor Graham Hodis, said “I’ve been able to download most of what I’ve needed to without a whole lot of trouble. The dashboard capability is remarkable. Our implementation was successful because of YellowJacket’s strong support and continuous account management. We have streamlined our processes and gained a much deeper level of insight into the health and safety of our employees on-site and site compliance”.


Gratte Brothers now has (and will continue to operate under) an EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) management system that has streamlined processes and significantly improved communication across departments. The organisation has successfully moved from a desktop-based spreadsheet to YellowJacket. The risks associated with spreadsheets, including manual errors, version control and staff time have now been eliminated.

Graham Hodis emphasised that the software has been used “very effectively”. “Everyone can now rely on YellowJacket, it has allowed us to see statistics in a way we weren’t able to do before”.

YellowJacket has changed the way we undertake site inspections. With its easy format and the facility to record actions/take photos, it has made my job a lot easier and saves a lot of time in the long run.
– — Graham Hodis, Health & Safety Advisor, Gratte Brothers

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