How Sisk uses SmartWaste to meet sustainability and net zero targets

How Sisk uses SmartWaste to meet sustainability and net zero targets

Sisk has been using SmartWaste since 2011 to manage waste, source timber sustainably, achieve environmental compliance and duty of care obligations and more.



Operating across Ireland, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, Sisk is an innovative €1.5 billion engineering and construction company. Family owned and operating since 1859, sustainability is central to its operations.

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Sisk has been using SmartWaste since 2011. Initially it was selected to capture waste data, but it is now used for not only waste, but also water, energy, timber and sustainable sourcing.

SmartWaste is also being used to help Sisk achieve its environmental compliance and duty of care obligations. The system helps manage the necessary day to day activities and responsibilities. Whenever inspected and assessed by local regulators, they are always satisfied with the information provided and the processes supported by SmartWaste. Importantly, SmartWaste’s reporting capabilities alert the Sisk Sustainability team immediately to issues and potential data input discrepancies.

Historically, identifying whether timber had been sustainably sourced was difficult. SmartWaste is enabling Sisk to engage with material suppliers. The software identifies who is compliant, encouraging suppliers to get on board with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and expand their range of sustainable source product.

Monthly board reports include metrics and key performance indicators provided by SmartWaste. This is important to help keep senior management informed and show progress against the carbon reduction plan and sustainability roadmap targets. Having committed to 5 sustainability themes with 8 working groups, each with a main board sponsor, maintaining momentum on sustainability is very important to Sisk.


Sisk has been faced with both environmental and sustainability management challenges. It needed a tool to capture the data for environmental key
performance indicators, including waste, water, energy, timber (FSC compliance). This is especially true for smaller projects without a dedicated sustainability resource. SmartWaste was successfully implemented and helps Sisk maintain ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

Alan Cawley, Senior Sustainability Manager at Sisk remarked: “The Sustainability team at Sisk is lean so we need the organisation and supply chain to work with us. SmartWaste is helping with this and to maintain everyone’s focus on the company’s sustainability agenda. It makes it easier for the environmental champions on site and the supply chain to capture and input the data needed.”


Sisk is using SmartWaste across all its construction projects. This has included the complex Project Kells retail and office development in Dublin city centre, the design and construction of the M17/M18 Motorway Scheme, the Capital Dock mixed use development in the Dublin Docklands and Canada Gardens in Wembley Park, London.

The implementation of the SmartWaste Application Programming Interface (API) is also improving the quality and input speed of waste data. Sisk’s expectation is that it will have to capture more and more data, so the API is essential. For excavation waste, getting hold of data from sub-contractors has not always been straightforward. The bulk upload facility provided by SmartWaste has made this more effective.


For Sisk, the benefits of using SmartWaste include:

  • Easier to collect data, and by providing consistency,
    has educated individuals about good environmental

  • Supporting on the 2030 sustainability roadmap
    and the carbon reduction plan

  • Help Sisk achieve their environmental compliance
    and duty of care obligations

Sisk has committed to the science based target initiative and are striving to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

The business is working towards a substantial reduction in their scope 3 emissions by 2030. SmartWaste is a significant component in helping achieve Sisk’s carbon reduction plan. It is also expected that the practical implementation of circular economy thinking will become increasingly important.

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