Kanyon development first in Turkey to get BREEAM rating of Outstanding

Kanyon development first in Turkey to get BREEAM rating of Outstanding

The first building in Turkey to gain a BREEAM rating of Outstanding, Kanyan also won a BREEAM In-Use Award in 2013 and a BREEAM Retail In-Use Award in 2016.


Kanyon is an equal share joint venture between Eczacibasi Group and Is Real Estate Investment Trust. Several well known national and international companies were involved in this $200 million project, including Jerde Partnership International, Tabanlioglu Architects, Arup Engineering and Tepe Construction. The BREEAM Assessors are Turkeco Construction and energy. In 2015, Kanyon has become Turkey’s first building to achieve an Outstanding rating for building management under BREEAM In-Use International. Kanyon also won a BREEAM In-Use Award in 2013 and a BREEAM Retail In-Use Award in 2016.


Speaking on why Kanyon partnered with BREEAM, a spokesperson for the project shared, “BREEAM was the most suitable tool for assessing the environmental aspects of our design and building management performance, and will guide us in improving our sustainable projects. Achieving high BREEAM scores helps and encourages our tenants and staff to participate in sustainability activities.”


A co-generation system meets 10% of the space heating demand, and 35% of the building’s hot water demand is met from solar panels. Most of the existing lighting fixtures have been changed to LEDs. The combination of a heat recovery system in fresh air units, efficient cooling systems and the widespread provision of daylighting, reduces energy consumption by 45%.

The property’s building management system (BMS) monitors, controls and optimises energy and water consumption in all spaces. Energy consumption from space heating, cooling, fans, humidification, lighting and small power systems is monitored by the BMS. The data gathered is compared with consumption targets and publicly reported.

Consumption monitoring and isolation valves reduce the demand for potable water. Rainwater and grey water are collected for use in public toilets and landscape irrigation.

A healthy indoor environment is fostered through the specification of low-solvent and water-based products for cleaning and painting, high levels of natural light and fresh air, COdetectors to monitor indoor environment quality, internal and external lighting luminescence levels that meet national guidance best practice levels, and an acoustic performance that meets appropriate best practice standards.

Kanyon has a waste management system with collection points for glass, paper and other recyclable materials, waste food from restaurants and cafes, and electronic waste. The development is within walking distance of public transport networks, and cyclist facilities are provided to reduce transport-related emissions and traffic congestion.


BREEAM In-Use scores achieved include:

Part 1 Asset:

  • Waste: 100%

  • Land use and ecology: 100%

  • Materials: 100%

  • Transport: 100%

  • Health and wellbeing: 79%

  • Water: 77%

Part 2 Building Management:

  • Materials: 100%

  • Land use and ecology: 100%

  • Pollution: 97%

  • Management: 96%

  • Health and wellbeing: 91%

  • Energy: 78%

Speaking on the success of the project, Tuncer Kinikli, Operations Director of Kanyon Facilities Management and Marketing, shared, “Kanyon aims to be a pioneer in reducing energy use, water consumption and waste, via an innovative and comprehensive management strategy. Investing in sustainability has resulted in 11% annual savings in energy costs.”

Summary Eczacibasi Group and Is Real Estate Investment Trust


Eczacibasi Group and Is Real Estate Investment Trust
Tabanlioglu Architects and Jerde Partnership International
Eczacibasi Group Pharmaceutical and Industrial Investment
Turkeco Construction and Energy Inc.
In-Use International
BREEAM rating:
Outstanding (85%)

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