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Mayan Roofing boosts confidence in its products with BRE testing

BRE’s successful independent testing of two new roofing systems developed by Mayan Roofing Systems has helped to increased customer confidence in the products.


Having developed two new roofing systems to significantly improve performance, Mayan Roofing Systems commissioned BRE to test the products. Successful independent testing increased confidence in the products.


Founded in 2020 and based in Weymouth, Dorset, Mayan Roofing Systems are an innovative, family run company aiming to provide effective solutions to problems within the roofing industry, and fill gaps in the market.


With differing climates across the world, materials used in buildings must be durable and watertight.

Mayan Roofing Systems – a manufacturer and distributor of innovative patented roofing products – developed two new roofing systems, ArmouredSlate and ArmouredStone. It was important to establish the relevant performance for the UK market, and Mayan Roofing’s customer-centred focus meant that the company understood that clients needed reassurance that their products were reliable.

If a product is specified for a situation beyond its capability, it could fail with the prospect of costly remedial repairs and damage the company’s reputation and finances. Testing and declaring performance are an essential step to ensuring the correct product is specified for a project.


The testing programme was performed against the PD CEN/TR 15601 standard. Testing was carried out at BRE’s dedicated testing facility, by technicians with extensive knowledge and experience of the roofing industry.

The BRE testing rig required a roof to be constructed in the manner it would usually be installed. The rig was then exposed to extreme weather conditions, including maximum rainfall with no wind, and separately, high rainfall with high wind speed. The underside of the roof was closely monitored at various roof pitches to establish the performance.

Checking for leaks in driving rain
The testing assessed the driving rain performance of the products. For the high wind speed and high rainfall combination test, water was sprayed at a rate equivalent to rainfall of 60mm/hour over the test area plus the run-off bar with a flow equivalent to 60mm/hour over the rest of a typical 7m roof. The wind speed was 13m/s, and the suction pressure was gradually increased until water ingress was evident.

Holding up against a deluge
For the Deluge Test, maximum rainfall with no wind was sprayed onto the roof at a rate equivalent to a rainfall of 225mm/hour over the whole roof. The run-off spray bar at the top of the test section simulated a rainfall of 225mm/hour over the rest of a typical 7m roof. The test lasted for two minutes with an observer, beneath the box, checking for leaks.

Testing allowed Mayan Roofing to determine what was feasible for them to achieve, where the weaknesses lay in the product and the process to overcome them. BRE staff engaged with Mayan Roofing throughout the testing process and Mayan Roofing were pleased with the process.


As a socially responsible and innovative company, Mayan Roofing Systems are committed to creating economical and sustainable products. Testing has evidently proven the products’ capabilities and this independent test evidence gives Mayan Roofing, and their customers, increased confidence in the product.

Testing against the PD CEN/TR 15601 standard has:

  • Ensured that Mayan understood the true performance of their product and had impartial test evidence of the product’s suitability.
  • Bolstered confidence in the products, and provided a solid foundation for product launch

Mayan Roofing are extremely proud of the results their products have achieved and are very excited for the release of these, and many other, products, to be launched worldwide. They plan to have future products tested by BRE.

After a year of bringing our business and products to life, we have now evidently proven what the products are capable of, to give both Mayan and our customers confidence that “it does what it says on the tin”.
– Brooke Makin, Mayan Roofing Systems, Director

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