BES 6001 awarded to Paroc Group's production facilities

BES 6001 awarded to Paroc Group's production facilities

Proving a commitment to diminishing its carbon footprint and energy-saving initiative, Paroc Group earned a BES 6001 rating of 'Good'.


Paroc managed to diminish its carbon footprint with energy improvements and waste recycling and is striving to achieve a zero waste-to-landfill target. Amongst other efforts, this earned the company a BES 6001 rating of ‘Good’.


Paroc Group is one of the leading insulation producers and suppliers in Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. Paroc’s stone wool products include building insulation, technical and marine insulation, sandwich panels and acoustics products.

By testing and piloting various concepts, from energy saving renovations to passive houses, Paroc’s aims include reducing energy consumption and emissions, increasing fire and moisture safety and improving the comfort of living.


For more than 75 years, Paroc has worked passionately to offer sustainable solutions and innovative products that enable its customers to build efficiently and with high quality. As a pioneer in the insulation industry, Paroc aims to fulfil the changing demands today’s world sets for the environments it builds.


Paroc’s approach to supply chain management and product stewardship takes into account both social and economic, as well as environmental dimensions and clearly demonstrates responsibility in sourcing. Going for BES 6001 certification would provide Paroc with the ability to prove that an effective system for ensuring responsible sourcing exists, so the company brought in auditors from BRE to assess its production facilities.


Paroc initially started the sustainable supply chain process by including its own quarries in ISO Certification in late 2013. During 2014 the company took the next step by including external suppliers in its own certification scheme.

Third party audits were carried out by BRE during spring 2015 across Paroc’s production facilities in Parainen, Finland; Vilnius, Lithuania and Trzemeszno, Poland to ensure that Paroc complies with all of the compulsory elements of BES6001. By May 2015 the process was complete and Paroc Group secured a ‘Good’ BES 6001 certified rating for all its European sites for the production of thermal insulation.


A great advantage for contractors and building owners is that BES 6001 provides, at no additional expense, notable support in obtaining the credits available in the Responsible Sourcing of Materials (RSM) sections of BREEAM. Paroc mineral wool insulation is certified according to BES 6001 ‘Good’, which can provide customers with 4 credits under Mat 3 – responsible sourcing, New construction – Non Domestic Building.

BES 6001 certification also assures customers looking for independent third party certified assurance, that the supply chains they are using are responsible.

We have always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously and the BES 6001 certification is one more way of proving our dedication. Responsible sourcing demands show our suppliers that environmental awareness is a prerequisite when cooperating with us.
– Beatrice Rantanen, Director of Environment, Health and Safety in Paroc Group

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