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There are two product offerings available in the UK for office buildings: Design for Performance to drive energy-efficient new buildings, and NABERS Energy ratings to measure how energy-efficient existing buildings are.

NABERS UK Design for performance

Design for Performance is the process whereby a developer or owner commits to design, build and commission a new office development or major refurbishment to achieve a specific NABERS Energy rating.

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NABERS UK Energy for offices

NABERS Energy measures the efficiency of an office building and rates its performance. The energy rating works by comparing the energy consumption of a building against a set of benchmarks that have been developed using actual data.

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NABERS UK Reverse and Simple Calculators

The reverse calculator for Energy for Offices helps you calculate the maximum amount of energy an office building can use to achieve a star rating that you specify.

The simple rating calculator for Energy for Offices helps you calculate the star rating of an office building for an amount of energy that you specify.


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NABERS UK Guide to Design for Performance

Design for Performance (DfP) provides a framework by which projects can commit, preconstruction, to achieve a NABERS Energy for Offices rating in post-construction performance. This guide sets out the minimum steps and processes required for a project implementing the DfP process

This Guide is intended to provide assistance for all parties involved in the Design for Performance process, and in particular the Applicant and associated project team, the Independent Design Reviewer and the person(s) conducting the building performance simulation, referred to in this document as the Simulator



NABERS UK The Rules - Energy for Offices

NABERS UK currently offers one type of rating, NABERS Energy for Offices, which measures and rates the Base Building energy efficiency of an office. An accredited NABERS Energy for Offices rating is awarded when the Scheme Administrator certifies a rating completed by an Assessor.

The purpose of this document is to give clear requirements for Assessors when they are evaluating offices for their energy usage with the goal of providing a NABERS rating. It is intended that this document, be read and used alongside NABERS UK The Rules – Meteringand Consumption



NABERS UK The Rules - Metering and Consumption

This document presents the metering and consumption Rules that are common for NABERSEnergy for Offices ratings. It is intended that this document be read alongside  NABERS UK The Rules – Energy for Offices.

Its purpose is to provide the standard for the collection and assessment of metering and consumption data for energy. As such, it presents the minimum requirements of what Assessors must adhere to when they are conducting a NABERS rating.



NABERS UK Design for Performance Agreement

Design for Performance Agreements are available for new or refurbished buildings for the following Rating Tools: Energy for Offices.

This Agreement qualifies as a Design for Performance Agreement. It establishes the process that the Applicant is required to follow to obtain a Design Reviewed Target Rating. This Agreement also sets out the basis on which the Applicant may promote its Target Rating and Design Reviewed Target Rating and use the Trade Marks.



NABERS UK Design for Performance Fact Sheet

The UK has a design-for-compliance culture which has led to the well-known ‘performance gap’ that exists between original design intent and how a building truly performs in-use. Design for Performance is a process that overcomes this, where a developer or owner commits to design, build and commission a building to achieve a targeted NABERS Energy rating.

If you are a developer or owner, you can register any new office development or major refurbishment by signing a Design for Performance Agreement. Your target NABERS Energy rating must be 4.0 stars or above.



NABERS UK Design for Performance Brand Guidelines

 NABERS Design For Performance Brand Guidelines details the guidelines surrounding logos and certificates.



NABERS UK Code of Conduct

This Code of Practice has been developed to assist the Licensed Assessor gain a clear understanding of their responsibilities and obligations. The intention of this Code is to
ensure that all Licensed Assessors operating under NABERS UK do so in a manner that is consistent with the standards and procedures that form a part of the NABERS UK scheme.

It is a condition of licensing under the NABERS UK Assessor agreement that Assessors
must comply with the Code of Practice. BRE may amend the Code of Practice from time to time by notice in writing to the Licensed Assessor.



NABERS UK Operations Manual

This document is intended for the use of licensed Energy for Offices Assessors and those completing the training to become a licensed Energy for Offices Assessor. This document contains all the information necessary for licensed Assessors to perform licensed NABERS UK Energy for Offices performance ratings and should be seen as a guide to the elements of the scheme rather than a strict manual that must be followed to the letter. It defines roles and responsibilities of relevant parties. Responsibilities will also evolve over time.



Assessor Brand Guidelines


As a valued licensee of the NABERS community, this guide is designed to help you understand the NABERS brand and make the most of it.

By consistently following these guidelines, we can build a strong, recognisable brand and maximise the value in everything we do. A brand will constantly evolve and develop so always check that you are referencing the most recent tools



Validation Record Template

The Validation Record Template must be used to verify that each electrical non-utility metering systems has been installed properly, is functioning correctly and is being interpreted correctly. The CT ratio and meter multiplier programmed in the non-utility metering system must also be recorded in the NABERS UK validation record. All readings and any adjustments must be documented using the meter validation template (see Appendix A of the Metering and Consumption Rules for examples)



Example Simulation Report

This report is an example simulation report that demonstrates the key features of a simulation report compliant with the requirements of a Design for Performance Agreement. A Simulation Report should provide a realistic estimate of the operational energy performance of the project. As a part of the Independent Design Review process, it is a requirement to provide a Simulation Report to the selected Independent Design Reviewer for evaluation.  More information on the sections that a simulation report should contain, and its format can be found in the Guide to Design for Performance