Heat pumps play an important part in reaching the UK’s 2050 net-zero target, and BRE has extensive expertise and facilities for the testing of these products.


Going forward, many new heat pump products will become available in the UK market and ensuring these products’ safety and performance claims is crucially important. BRE offers UKAS accredited third party testing to the relevant heat pump standards such as EN14511, EN14825 and EN16147 that will enable heat pump manufacturers to gain the accreditation or product listing they need. BRE can also support heat pump manufacturers that are looking to develop their products through using our test facilities to conduct their research and development studies.

Product certification tests


Our UKAS accredited laboratories for testing heat pumps are capable of determining the thermal performance of your product in accordance with BS EN 14511, BS EN 14825 and BS EN 16147, precisely and efficiently. We can assist in getting recognition for your product by providing the right accredited tests for a range of UK and European incentive schemes, such as:

Our environmental chambers can handle products with different capacities, including air-to-water heat pumps (outdoor units and exhaust air unit) and ground source heat pumps. We can measure the sound power emission of mechanical and electrical (M&E) products including heat pumps, fans and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR). The sound power level of heat pumps can be determined through testing in our acoustic facility.

How we can help


BRE has considerable experience in developing experimental facilities and bespoke tests for the innovative products in the heat pump industry.

  • Testing of air-to-water heat pumps (outdoor units and exhaust air units), and ground source heat pumps across a wide range of heat outputs based on different climates and user cultures/behaviours
  • Commercial R&D and collaborative research
  • Technical and fully referenced reports

Our experts can carry out in-house testings and also witness heat pump testing.

View our UKAS testing accreditation schedule


Benefits of working with BRE


  • 100 years in research, with over 45 years’ experience investigating the use of heat pumps for space and hot water heating in buildings
  • Dedicated, UKAS accredited, environmental chambers for testing
  • Completely tailored and robust approach, including bespoke testing protocols to fit your budget and goals
  • Impartial and independent, backed up by an authoritative knowledge base

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