IMPACT® allows construction professionals to measure the embodied carbon, life cycle environmental (LCA) and life cycle cost (LCC) performance of buildings.

IMPACT is designed to allow simple integration into 3D CAD/BIM (Building Information Management) software tools or bespoke LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) applications. The results generated by IMPACT can be used to award credit within whole building assessment schemes like BREEAM.



IMPACT is the only standardised specification and dataset currently available in the UK. It ensures a consistent application of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) across the industry. All LCA completed using the IMPACT specification and dataset are accurate, repeatable and transparent.


IMPACT tools are rigorously tested to ensure the specification meets the requirements and the dataset has been implemented within the LCA tool accurately. All IMPACT compliant tools produce near identical LCA results given the same set of inputs.


IMPACT allows for creation of benchmarks that are standardised and reliable. These benchmarks are used within BREEAM and HQM. Reporting against these benchmarks provides a reflection of the buildings LCA performance and credits within BREEAM.

For LCA and LCC consultants

The IMPACT Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) methodology and database is integrated within third-party software tools.

IMPACT is designed to work within 3D/BIM software tools recognised by the ‘IMPACT Compliant’ logo. Choose the one that is right for you from our list of IMPACT Compliant Tools.

For developers

IMPACT is a specification and database designed for software developers to adopt and incorporate into their tools. It is not a separate software tool. This approach has been taken to maximise dissemination, consistency and comparability in environmental impact assessment and life cycle costing. It also means users can benefit from IMPACT functionality inside their familiar software tools and day-to-day workflows.  Permission to use the logos below is granted only to tools that are ‘IMPACT compliant’.

Colour or black and white versions for software developer choice.

If you are interested in learning more about the IMPACT specification, database or BIM integration, please contact us