Safety, efficiency, knowledge and sustainability are at the heart of any successful construction project. SmartSite brings tried-and-tested digital tools, resources and information together to improve performance in these crucial areas.

Uniting the software tools, SmartWaste and YellowJacket, this single access platform enables construction sites to measure, collate and report critical site information to help make them safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly and ultimately more productive. SmartSite also acts as a hub for information, resources and industry news, creating a central platform for construction professionals that will help facilitate any necessary behavioural and culture changes.

Watch the new SmartWaste product demo video.

Find out how SmartWaste can help you achieve your net-zero and ESG commitments.

Watch the new SmartWaste Product Demo Video


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Bringing SmartWaste and YellowJacket together


When it comes to the environmental impact of your construction or demolition site, it’s important to understand where you can be making improvements to become more sustainable, while also saving time and money.

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YellowJacket is helping more than 300 UK Construction Companies drive real improvement and behavioural change across their construction projects, business, and supply chain.

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