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Drive your industry towards net zero carbon with SmartWaste


SmartWaste software can help to achieve net zero and sustainability targets in the construction, infrastructure and property development industries.


These industries play a pivotal role in driving towards net zero carbon targets. Collectively these industries are responsible for around 39% of global energy related carbon emissions. SmartWaste offers focused software solutions to support organisations in achieving sustainable development and net zero carbon targets.


In the construction industry, achieving net zero targets is critical, but complex. The industry faces challenges like waste reduction, energy efficiency and better use of resources. SmartWaste provides an intelligent construction solution to these challenges, simplifying processes, reducing waste, and managing carbon emissions.

Tackle construction challenges head-on

SmartWaste offers an integrated software platform customised to the needs of the construction industry. Our software equips you with the functionality to effectively manage waste, optimise materials, energy and water usage, streamline operations, to meet ESG and net zero carbon targets.

Features of SmartWaste software

Our software is loaded with features designed to transform the way you manage your construction projects. SmartWaste is the ultimate construction management solution, which includes:

  • Waste forecasting

  • Site waste management plans and compliance tracking

  • Energy efficiency monitoring

  • Comprehensive ESG reporting.

Success stories with SmartWaste

We’ve helped numerous construction businesses overcome their environmental management challenges. Our case studies highlight how these businesses have successfully utilised SmartWaste to meet their environmental and sustainability targets.

SmartWaste is the perfect tool to capture project compliance data such as waste carrier permits and licences, and waste transfer notes. It has helped to enhance our reputation by demonstrating compliance and duty of care… and has resulted in greater efficiencies and lower operational costs.
– Tom Howden, Head of Environment and Sustainability, Kier Infrastructure


The infrastructure industry has significant sustainability challenges. Infrastructure projects often demand a wide range of resources and complex management. SmartWaste assists in streamlining these processes, optimising resource use, enhancing operational efficiency, and aiding in the achievement of sustainability goals.

SmartWaste: your ally in sustainable infrastructure

SmartWaste offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform software that can help you overcome these challenges. Designed to streamline the management of your project’s environmental impacts, SmartWaste provides a unified solution for tracking, reporting, and improving your infrastructure project’s sustainability performance.

Features tailored for infrastructure projects

SmartWaste offers a suite of features specifically tailored to support infrastructure projects.

These features and more enable infrastructure projects to accurately measure, manage, and reduce their environmental impact, aiding in the achievement of net zero targets.

  • Monitor the use of certified and non-certified materials, and their embodied carbon impacts.

  • Gather transport data on movements to and from site, commuting, associated fuel usage, and related carbon impacts.

  • Track, reduce, and manage waste, set waste reduction targets that deliver on your net zero carbon and circularity ambitions.

  • Capture key site data on biology and ecology, impacts on key ecological features and evidence of Biodiversity Net Gain.

SmartWaste has been instrumental in helping us achieve our sustainability goals. The ability to monitor and manage our environmental impacts in one place has been a game-changer.
– Callum Scott, Project Sustainability Manager, Canary Wharf Contractors

Property development

Property developers are tasked with the significant challenge of building profitably while delivering on sustainability goals such as BREEAM certification or Biodiversity Net Gain. For property developers, delivering commercially viable projects whilst ensuring a focus on sustainability can be a daunting task. SmartWaste supports developers by providing a platform software for efficient materials management, the implementation of green building strategies, and robust ESG reporting. With our software, property development becomes synonymous with sustainability.

Transform property development with SmartWaste

As a leading environmental management software, SmartWaste offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies these challenges. Our software platform provides the tools you need to monitor, manage, and reduce your project’s environmental impact, all within a user-friendly interface.

Key features for property development

SmartWaste is equipped with a suite of features designed to support property developers:

  • Track the use of certified and non-certified materials on your projects, including their embodied carbon impacts.

  • Waste management information can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

  • Waste management information can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

  • Generate comprehensive reports on cost, carbon, and BREEAM requirements from various modules.

L&Q has deployed SmartWaste for collecting data from contractors. This has proven to be a big plus as it has reduced the administrative burden. Further expansion of the SmartWaste implementation will capture more carbon data, on materials used on schemes and staff and operatives coming to site.
– Richard Whitby, Construction Director, L&Q.

See more SmartWaste success stories

See more SmartWaste success stories

We’ve helped businesses in many industries to transform their environmental and sustainability management practices using SmartWaste. See how we have empowered businesses like yours to achieve their environmental goals.

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