Standard Assessment Procedure
(SAP 2012)

The 2012 edition of the Standard Assessment Procedure, SAP 2012, can be downloaded from this page.

SAP 2012 is used for building regulation compliance for new dwellings in England (Part L) from 6 April 2014, in Wales (Part L) from 31 July 2014 and in Scotland (Section 6) from 1 October 2015. SAP 2012 is also used to produce Energy Performance Certificates for new dwellings.

SAP 2012 should be used in conjunction with BR443 2006 (for calculating U-values) rather than the newer BR443 2019, which will come into use with the next version of SAP. The only exception to this is where the 2019 edition includes guidance for items not covered by the 2006 edition, in which case the approaches detailed in the 2019 edition may be used immediately. 

RdSAP 2012 is used to produce Energy Performance Certificates for existing dwellings and applies in all parts of the UK from 8 December 2014. RdSAP 2012 v9.94 (third link below) should be used from 22nd September 2019.

A new version of SAP (SAP 10) is in development, but SAP 2012 should continue to be used for all official purposes until further notice. 

SAP methodology and approved software:

SAP 2012 document (October 2013, updated June 2014, with minor corrections December 2014)

RdSAP 2012 v9.93 (SUPERSEDED – used from 19th November 2017)

RdSAP 2012 v9.94 (CURRENT – used from 22nd September 2019)

Current list of approved SAP 2012 software (15th June 2020)

Current list of approved RdSAP 2012 software (20th September 2019)

Current list of approved ECO software using RdSAP 2012 (20th August 2015)