What is SABRE?

SABRE is a security assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings and built infrastructure assets.

The scheme recognises and rewards good practice and encourages those involved in the construction and operation of buildings to measure their performance so they can make informed investment decisions, communicate their security credentials to interested parties and benefit from greater transparency.

Every building is different, so there can be no ‘one size fits all’ security solution. For this reason, SABRE adopts a risk based framework to ensure flexibility in approach, recognise all solutions that contribute to effective security and allow applicants to adopt an approach to security that is appropriate and proportionate to the needs of them and their built assets. Importantly, this approach avoids a ‘checklist mentality’ to security assessment that will inevitably stifle innovation and may lead to incomplete and ineffective security.

SABRE is owned by BRE Global Ltd (part of the BRE Group), the international provider of robust, independent, third party certification of fire, security and environmental products and services.  SABRE is the result of fundamental scientific research funded by the BRE Trust.



Benefits of SABRE

As has been the case with BREEAM, BRE Global’s sustainability certification scheme, SABRE certification can provide a broad range of benefits to industry stakeholders, including:

Improved Design and Construction Quality
Enhanced Marketability of Built Assets
Increased Operational Effectiveness
Independent Assurance of Security Performance
Promotes Value for Money Security Solutions
Benchmark Your Facilities Across a Portfolio and the Wider Sector
Showcase Your Capability
Attract Security Minded Tenants and Clients
Insurance Incentives

Who is it for?

SABRE focuses on the process of security risk management, and can therefore be used on construction projects and existing facilities of any size and at any location, whether multi-tenanted or mixed use, speculative or inclusive of fit-out, across the following sectors:

Mixed Use
Data Centres
Other Buildings