What is SABRE?

SABRE is a security risk management standard for new and existing buildings, infrastructure assets, and managed space. The scheme provides the industry with a framework that can be used during the design, construction, and operation of assets to achieve better security outcomes and return on investment.

SABRE allows organisations to evidence their commitment to security and communicate their ability to manage security risks. This provides valuable assurance to tenants, insurers, investors, regulators, planning authorities, and other interested parties.

The SABRE scheme is jointly operated by The Security Institute and BRE Group.

Depending on the nature of your query, please select the most appropriate option:

Please contact The Security Institute for information relating to:
– Registering a facility for SABRE certification
– Finding a SABRE Registered Assessor or Professional (including SQSS)
– SABRE training
– SABRE Licensing (becoming a SABRE Assessor or Professional)
– General scheme enquiries
You can visit The Security Institute website at www.security-institute.org/sabre
Alternatively, email The Security Institute at [email protected]

Please contact the BRE Quality Assurance (QA) team if your query relates to:
– Submitting a SABRE assessment for QA audit and certification.
– A SABRE assessment currently with the QA team.
– A SABRE certificate and/or Red Book listing.
Please contact the QA Team at [email protected] quoting the SABRE Facility URN (e.g., 123-456789) in the subject line.
If you do not yet have a SABRE URN for the facility in question, please contact The Security Institute to register your facility before submitting to the BRE QA Team.

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