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LPCB Certification and Kingspan

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Following BRE’s decision last year to end its commercial relationship with Kingspan, BRE now confirms that all existing Kingspan products that were previously listed on RedBookLive have been recertified. BRE will continue to support LPCB certification for these existing products.

This action and update applies retrospectively and is intended to provide clarity to customers and support business continuity.

This recertification only applies to Kingspan Insulated Panels, Euroclad Group, Paroc and Joris Ide.   These four companies in the Kingspan Group were the only companies in receipt of BRE certification and the only companies affected by the withdrawal.

Beyond these measures, designed to ensure an unbroken certification chain for all previously certified products, BRE will not carry out any new work with Kingspan Group companies.

Kingspan’s LPCB Certificates were previously withdrawn as a result of BRE’s decision to no longer carry out new business with Kingspan Group companies. BRE is not aware of any quality or compliance issues with Kingspan products in so far as certification by BRE is concerned.