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BREEAM for Eden China announced at 25th birthday bash

Note: This press release is over six months old and the details may have been superseded. Please contact the Press Office for the latest information.

breeam25timsmitcrowd breeam25timsmitpresentsOver 100 people gathered for an event in London last night to celebrate sustainable buildings and communities standard BREEAM and the 530,000-strong legacy of high performing buildings that have applied it for better social, economic and environmental outcomes. Guest speaker Sir Tim Smit spoke about his latest Eden project in China which will carry the coveted mark.

From 1 Angel Square in Manchester, to The Edge in Amsterdam, EDF tower in Paris, the Jin Mao Palace in Shanghai, No 10 Downing Street and the London 2012 Olympic stadia, some of the world’s most iconic buildings have been BREEAMed.

Created in 1990, BREEAM has influenced a generation of developers, architects, designers and contactors to deliver better buildings and homes using the standard. These buildings are highly energy efficient, they emit less carbon, they use less water, they create less waste, they maximise natural light and air and from a business perspective they cost less to run and they command better asset and rental values.

breeam25timsmitcrowdGuest speaker and Eden project co-founder Sir Tim Smit challenged guests to be brave, to collaborate, to share their knowledge and maximise their positive impact around the world through BREEAM. He said ‘BREEAM is an expression of values, a flag around which people can gather, its living and evolving – it’s not just a label it’s an attitude, a state of mind, a place in the heart.’

One of BREEAM’s creators BRE Director Alan Yates said ‘BREEAM is more than just a mark – since 1990 almost 10,000 people have been trained with BREEAM sustainable development skills which are highly sought in overseas markets. It has catalysed significant innovation in the construction supply chain with new and improved materials, products and technologies being introduced to drive higher ratings. Under BREEAM, new concepts like Life Cycle Assessment and Responsible Sourcing were adopted by the products and materials sector driving more ethical and green construction practices.  BRE will continue to drive innovation in this way, ensuring that BREEAM remains at the leading edge, promoting real change’

Director of BREEAM Gavin Dunn spoke to guests about the future for BREEAM, the new scheme for infrastructure and the increasing reach of the standard in places like China. He also talked about the compelling economic benefits that will ensure BREEAM’s longevity: ‘Despite a lack of Government drivers, property developers are choosing to stay green because of the economic benefits of higher rental and asset value and lower running costs are too compelling to ignore. But it’s more than that – there is huge value in the improved health aspects of green which result in less days being lost through illness & improved productivity.’

A series of events and initiatives are being planned over the next 12 months to mark the anniversary and highlight the continuing challenge we have in the UK and around the world to reduce the adverse impacts of the buildings and communities we develop. Further information can be found here. Use the #BREEAM25 to share your stories on twitter.

For further information contact Linda McKeown, BRE, email [email protected]


BREEAM is the internationally recognised measure of sustainability for buildings and communities. More than 531,596 certificates have been issued under BREEAM on more than 24,000 projects around the world, and over 2.2 million buildings and communities are registered for certification. BREEAM is used in more than 70 countries. More information at