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BRE National Solar Centre welcomes new industry report

Note: This press release is over six months old and the details may have been superseded. Please contact the Press Office for the latest information.

A recent report from KPMG and the Renewable Energy Association provides a roadmap for achieving a stable and sustainable post-subsidy future for the PV industry.

The report called UK solar: beyond subsidy, details how solar has become the most popular renewable energy technology in the UK along with its impressive cost reduction in the past decade.

It models different scenarios to grid parity in the next five years, enabling the industry to continue to develop as subsidies are gradually phased out. It also highlights the importance of continued government support so that the industry, which includes many small and medium sized enterprises, will be able to reach grid-parity.

Director of the BRE National Solar Centre Jonny Williams says ‘This report clearly demonstrates the value that PV is currently bringing to the UK and can continue to deliver in the future under strong government leadership. Its recommendations for achieving a stable future without subsidies for the industry are practical and achievable.’

The report is issued in advance of the first Code of Practice for the solar photovoltaic industry which the Institute of Engineering & Technology has developed with the BRE National Solar Centre.

The revised code will set out the requirements for the design, specification, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of grid connected solar PV in the UK.

Williams concludes ‘The Code of Practice reflects as does this report the increased application of PV technology and the need to improve the processes and procedures around its deployment ‘

The Code will be available to purchase form the IET website from end of August and will be launched to industry at Solar Energy UK on 13th October 2015.

For further information  please contact Linda McKeown, BRE, E [email protected]


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The report can be viewed onine from the Renewable Energy Association’s website at

And the Code of Practice developed jointly by the BRE NAtional Solar Centre and the IET can be see

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