Climatic change, urbanisation and an ageing population is placing increasing pressure on the built environment to support the varying needs of our cities, towns and communities.
BRE Centre for Resilience works to deliver fast and appropriate responses to climate and societal change, extreme weather and other unforeseen disruptions to homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure.

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Our Mission

The BRE Centre for Resilience mission is:

‘to provide a place for the stakeholders to collaborate, research, learn, develop new standards and approaches that create the next generation of resilience within our built environment and our communities.’

The BRE Centre for Resilience supports the wider aim of the BRE Group to build a better world, protecting people, and creating better, safer places. We do this through:

  • Conducting research in resilience across the built environment
  • Trialling and testing innovations for people, products and places
  • Communication and dissemination knowledge and lessons learned
  • Developing new training and accreditation programmes to upskill the sector
  • Creating new standards for design, planning and products and enabling their implementation

Since its inception, the BRE Centre for Resilience has worked to identify the critical issues that need to be addressed as we develop and improve the homes, buildings and communities that underpin our lives into the future. While research and learning is still a key focus, the BRE Centre for Resilience now looks to undertake collaborative research, upskill the industry, develop new standards and create the next generation of resilient materials, products, designs and innovations that will ensure the robustness and longevity of our built infrastructure.

What is ‘Resilience’?

Resilience is the ability of assets, networks and systems to anticipate, absorb, adapt and/or rapidly recover from a disruptive event.

Disaster Relief - QSAND

We worked with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to develop a tool that would support a sustainable long term approach to disaster relief, Quantifying Sustainability in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters (QSAND).