JobNamed task or activity during the in-use phase associated to TypesBS 1192-4
key decision pointPoint in time during the life cycle when a decision crucial to the direction or viability of the asset is made. Note 1 to entry During a project, these generally align with project stagesBS EN ISO 19650-1
Key Performance IndicatorKPImeasure that provides essential information about the performance of asset/facility-related services deliveryBS8636-1
Knowledge LibraryCollection of information models that express knowledge (which may include also definition models and requirements model(s) about kinds of things (concepts) and that are stored and retrieved as electronic informationISO 16354
Knowledge ModelInformation model that expresses knowledge in a computer interpretable structureISO 16354
LanguageCoding system of spoken and/or written words and sentences (expressions and phrases) that is used to communicate between people or systemsISO 16354
LayerProperty given to entities within CAD files enabling their visibility and graphical representation to be controlled. Further values may be assigned to the attribute to enable control whether it can be edited or deletedBS 1192, PAS 1192-2 Back
lead Appointed party"lead appointed party" which is an appointed party directly appointed by the appointing party.PD ISO 19650-0
LeanProduction focused on delivering value for the employer and eliminating all non-value-adding activities using an efficient workflowPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Lean PrinciplesUnderstanding value from a client's perspective identifying the value stream, establish a balanced flow of work, in which the demand for product is pulled from the next customer, with a constant drive for continuous improvement and perfection (Based on 'Lean Thinking', Womack & Jones, 2003 edition)PAS 1192-2 Back
Level of AttributingCategorization based on a minimum content of attributing information on a library ObjectBS 8541-4
Level of DefinitionCollective term used for and including 'level of model detail' and the 'level of information detail'PAS 1192-2 Front
Level of Detailcompleteness and accuracy of a virtual shape representation compared to the physical and functional characteristics of the actual objectBS 8541-3
level of information needFramework which defines the extent and granularity of informationBS ISO 19650-1
Level of Measurementcompleteness and accuracy of a virtual measurement compared to the physical and functional characteristics of the actual objectBS 8541-3
Levels of Model DetailLODDescription of graphical content of models at each of the stages defined for example in the CIC Scope of ServicesPAS 1192-2 Back
Levels of Model InformationLOIDescription of non-graphical content of models at each of the stages defined for example in the CIC Scope of ServicesPAS 1192-2 Back
Life CycleStages and activities spanning the life of the system from the definition of its requirements to the termination of its use, covering its conception, development, operation, maintenance support and disposalISO 12911
Maintainerindividual, department or organization engaged by either the owner or operator of an asset to carry out maintenance on or in connection with that assetPAS 1192-3
MaintenanceCombination of all technical and associated administrative actions to retain or restore an asset to a state in which it can perform its required functionPAS 1192-3
Maintenance ProcessConstruction process preserving the function of, or operating, the built environmentISO 12911
Manageable AssetsThose aspects of the facility that may be managed during the facility life-cycle include both physical and spatial objects, and their functional groupingsPAS 1192-2 Back
ManagementControl activity in a construction process by one or more construction agentsISO 12911
2DTwo-dimensionalPAS 1192-2 Back
Management of AssetsOperational activities carried out on assets in support of those assets meeting their requirementsPAS 1192-3
2D DrawingA 2D drawing contains a view of a model that is referenced into a 'drawing sheet template' (blank drawing and title block). Such drawings must always be considered to be static documents, as they are drawing renditions or snapshots of the design's model files. Such renditions are generated each time the drawing is prepared for 'sharing' at regular milestonesPAS 1192-2 Back
Manufacturer's Model of Physical Object RelationSpecial kind of qualification relation that relates two concepts whereby the subtype is a manufacturer's model of a kind of physical object and the super type is concept that is a kind of physical object R1 role player: physical object R2 role player: physical object/R1 role: manufacturer's model R2 role: nature/R1-R2 expression: is a model of R2-R1 expression: is the nature of modelISO 16354
2D ModelA model with entities having two-dimensional properties. Such models are always to be considered to be dynamic, as they will be made up of 'model files' that are 'reference' filesPAS 1192-2 Back
Marked-up DrawingPaper or electronic drawing that has been marked up with comments from other disciplines or the clientPAS 1192-2 Back
3DThree-dimensionalPAS 1192-2 Back
Master Information Delivery PlanMIDPPrimary plan for when project information is to be prepared, by whom and using what protocols and procedures, incorporating all relevant task information delivery plans (TIDPs).PAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
3D ModelA model with objects having three-dimensional properties. Such models are always to be considered to be dynamic, as they will be made up of 'model files' that are 'reference' filesPAS 1192-2 Back
Master Information Delivery PlanMIDPplan incorporating all relevant task information delivery plansBS EN ISO 19650-2
3D Visualization3D images from the 3D CAD model, or a virtual representation of the building or facility to be constructed; used for visualizing the projectPAS 1192-2 Back
Master Information Document IndexMIDIIndex specifying a detailed list of the deliverables for a project; for model, sub models, documents and data also allocating responsibility to deliver and the programme for delivery of a project supply chainPAS 1192-2 Back
Acceptance CriteriaEvidence required for considering that requirements have been fulfilledISO 22263
Measuremeans of expressing a quantityISO 6707-1
Accessoryproduct of the same or of different product groups, which can be attached to a product. NOTE 1 to entry: An accessory is not a different type of product, it plays an ancillary role to another product.ISO/DSI 16757-1
Meta-dataData used for the description and management of documents and other containers of informationBS 1192
Accessory HierarchyRepresentation of the dependencies between products and accessoriesISO/DSI 16757-1
MetricsThe acceptability of the deliverable may be assessed against the requirements shown in the examples and/or against indicative ratios and counts based on the information providedPAS 1192-2 Back
Activitytask that is needed to produce a deliverableBS 8536-1, BS 8536-2
Milestonesignificant planned, or to be planned, point in a project (3.59), programme (3.50) or portfolio (3.42)ISO 21506:2018 cl 3.34
Activity SpaceSpace defined by the spatial extension of an activity. NOTE 1 to entry: A spatial extension of an activity, for example, a table or a bed, and the activity space around them.ISO 12006-2
Minor WorksWorks carried out on an asset where information is managed using this PASPAS 1192-3
ActorA person, an organization or an organizational unit (such as a department, team, etc.) involved in a construction processISO/DIS 29481-1
ModelRepresentation of a system that allows for investigation of the properties of the systemISO/DIS 29481, BS 1192
Aftercaredefined period post-handover of an asset/facility in which the design and construction team passes on information and knowledge to the operator, operations team or facility manager, responds to queries and problems, and monitors and reviews the asset's/facility's performance.BS 8536-1
Model FileNative, proprietary format, CAD file that can be a 2D or 3D modelPAS 1192-2 Back
AlignmentAchieving complete agreement between the contents of an information model and the state of a physical assetOBE
Model View DefinitionMVDA computer-interpretable definition of an exchange requirement, specifically bound to one or more particular standard information schemasISO/DIS 29481-1
Alphanumericalphanumeric pertaining to data that consist of letters, digits, and usually other characters, such as punctuation marks, as well as to processes and functional units that use those dataISO/IEC 2382:2015(en)
Naming RelationRelation that relates a term with something (UID) that is denoted by the term R1 role player: term R2 role player: anything/R1 role: name R2 role: named/R1-R2 expression: is a name for R2-R1 expression: has as nameISO 16354
Appointed partyProvider of information concerning works, goods or services.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Natural EnvironmentNon-artificial environment of any physical construction objectISO 12006
Appointing partyReceiver of information concerning works, goods or services from a lead appointed party. [the 1192 term was: client (project), asset owner/operator (asset) or Employer]BS EN ISO 19650-1
Need-to-knowgrant of access to data or information relating to sensitive assets and systems for an individual or organization where such access must be necessary in order for them to perform their role satisfactorily and safelyPAS 1192-5
Appointmentagreed instruction for the provision of information (3.3.1) concerning works, goods or services Note 1 to entry: This term is used whether or not there is a formal appointment between the parties.BS EN ISO 19650-2
Neighbouring built assetsbuilt assets that share a boundary (including beneath it or overhead) with the built asset under consideration, or that are in the neighbourhood of that built asset but physically separated by a public or private street, public or privately-owned open space or similar featuresPAS 1192-5
ArchiveComponent of the common data environment. NOTE: The archive section of the CDE is for inactive of superseded information. Such information will provide a history of the project information transfers, sharing, change orders and knowledge retention, and can be used for other contractual purposes or 'discovery'BS 1192, PAS 1192-2 Back
New Rules of MeasurementsNRMRICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM) for Building Works: a suite of documents issued by the RICS Quantity Surveying and Construction Professional GroupPAS 1192-2 Back
Area of CapabilityPrequalification topic that enquires about the capability of suppliers and their supply chains - as defined by the relevant question module e.g. health and safetyPAS 91
New Rules of Measurements 1NRM1Order of Cost Estimating and Cost Planning for Capital Building WorksPAS 1192-2 Back
Article NumberManufacturer's reference number, GTIN, or other identifier identifying the product or constituents of a productISO/DSI 16757-1
New Rules of Measurements 2NRM2Detailed measurement for building works, provides detailed rules for the measurement and description of building works for the purpose of obtaining tender pricesPAS 1192-2 Back
As-ConstructedA model consisting of documentation, non-graphical information and graphical information defining the delivered project. 'As-constructed' defines the defect and deviation to the designed model occurring during construction. The 'As-constructed' model and its appended documentation are continually updated through re-measurement as construction progresses. This allows for deviation to be reviewed with respect to the following packages and making knowledgeable assessment of impact and resolutionPAS 1192-2 Back
New Rules of Measurements 3NRM3Order of cost estimating and cost planning for building maintenance works is currently in development and is expected to launch in 2013PAS 1192-2 Back
AspectConcept by which the existence and appearance of a thing is experience and cannot exist without the existence of its possessor and which is either an intrinsic non-separable facet of its possessor or a role of its possessorISO 16354
Non-graphical DataData conveyed using alphanumeric charactersPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Aspect (Scale Relation)Relation that specifies that aspects of the specified kind can be quantified using the kind of scale R1 role player: aspect R2 role player: scale/R1 role: quantifiable R2 role: quantifying/R1-R2 expression: can be quantified on scale R2-R1 expression: can be a scale for aISO 16354
Objectany part of the perceivable or conceivable worldISO 12006-2
Aspect (Unit of measure Relation)Relation that specifies that aspects of the specified kind shall be quantified using the particular unit of measure R1 role player: aspect R2 role player: unit of measure/R1 role: quantifiable R2: quantifying/R1-R2 expression: shall be quantified on unit R2-R1 expression: shall be a unit for aISO 16354
ObjectiveRole of a state that is intended to be achieved or that is intended to be preventedISO 12911, ISO 16354
AssemblyGroup of components or types to enable the reuse of standardized design or specification elements improving productivity of design and delivery as well as providing a location to hold specifications and lessons learnt in a simple and useable way. The contents of assemblies may themselves have attributes and classifications.PAS 1192-2 Back, BS 1192-4
Occupantuser who spends a significant proportion of their time in or about a facilityBS8636-1
Assessment ProviderEntity undertaking prequalification of suppliers as a service to both buyers and suppliersPAS 91
OccurrenceState that is dynamic and is an interaction over time between involved things, each with its own roleISO 16354
Assetitem, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organizationPAS 1192-3, BS 1192-4, PAS 1192-5, ISO 55000, BS 8536-1
Occurrence ObjectRepresentation of an actual occurrence (instance) of an object in a buildingBS 8541-1, BS 8541-3, BS 8541-4
Asset InformationData or information relating to the specification, design, construction or acquisition, operation and maintenance, and disposal or decommissioning of an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organizationPAS 1192-5
Operabilitycapable of being put into use as intendedBS8636-1
Asset Information ManagementDiscipline of managing asset-related organizational data and information to a sufficient quality to support organizational objectives and outcomesPAS 1192-3
Operation InformationInformation specifying operational activity associated to TypesBS 1192-4
Asset Information ModelAIMMaintained information model used to manage, maintain and operate the asset; required to support an organization's asset management systemPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, PAS 1192-3
Operational Strategyoverall approach to managing the production or use of an asset/facilityBS8636-1
Asset Information ModelAIMinformation model (cl 3.3.9) relating to the operational phaseBS EN ISO 19650-1
Operations teamfunctional group responsible for the day-to-day running and maintenance of an asset/facilityBS8636-1
Asset Information RequirementsAIRData and information requirements of the organization in relation to the asset(s) it is responsible forPAS 1192-3
OperatorOrganization that uses an asset to create value but does not own the assetPAS 1192-3
Asset Information RequirementsAIRinformation requirements in relation to the operation of an asset.BS EN ISO 19650-1
OrganizationGroup of people and facilities with an arrangement of responsibilities, authorities and relationshipsPAS 1192-3, PAS 1192-5
Asset ManagementCoordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assetsPAS 1192-3, PAS 1192-5, ISO 55000, BS 8536-1
Organization Information RequirementsOIRData and information required to achieve the organization's objectivesPAS 1192-3, BS8636-1
Asset Management SystemManagement system for asset management whose function is to establish the asset management policy and asset management objectivePAS 1192-3
Organization Information RequirementsOIRinformation requirements in relation to organisational objectives.BS EN ISO 19650-2
Asset OwnerIndividual or organization that owns the built asset and any associated asset information, is the asset operator or licensee, or is the operator of the system of which the built asset is a componentPAS 1192-5
OriginAs the setting out point for a project or programme using co-ordinate geometry or related to the OS or geospatial referencePAS 1192-2 Back
Attributecharacteristic assessed in terms of whether it does or does not meet a given performanceISO 6707-1
OriginatorAgent responsible for production of a containerBS 1192, PAS 1192-2 Back
AuditorTesting review bodyBS 8541-6
OwnerOrganization that owns an asset and uses the asset either directly or indirectly to create valuePAS 1192-3
Authororiginator of Information Model; Graphical Model, Non Graphical Information and Documents.PAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Parametrizable Primitive SolidModel of a defined primitive solid, e.g. a block, cylinder, sphere or cone whose dimensions are represented by parameters to generate variantsISO/DSI 16757-2
Baseline Security MeasuresContractually required measures relating to personal and commercial informationPAS 1192-5
Part-of RelationRelation between two construction objects where one object constitutes the whole and the other a part of that wholeISO 12006
Basis for Designinformation and data concerning the required function, form, layout, specification and operation of an asset/facility amongst other mattersBS 8536-1
Performancebehaviour related to useISO 6707-1
BIM Guidance DocumentDocument that aids users in achieving their intended results through the use of BIMISO 12911
Permitted Use(s)NOT DEFINED
BIM Software ApplicationA software application that is used to create, modify, analyze, manage, publish, share, or expire elements of a BIMISO/DIS 29481-1
Personally Identifiable InformationPersonal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998PAS 1192-5
BIM ViewerSoftware used to view 3D rendition without requiring the user to have the software that produced the model (Navisworks, Navigator, Solibri, etc.; also eDrawing to view both 2D and 3D rendition)PAS 1192-2 Back
PersonnelIndividuals employed by an organization, including contractors or temporary staff used to fulfil roles that may be undertaken by that organizationPAS 1192-5
Binary RelationRelation that specifies a relationship between two things, each of which is playing its own role that is of a kind that is typical for the relation typeISO 16354
Physical ObjectIndividual thing that has a physical nature with a limited lifespan; it may be materialized (and then it may be observable and touchable) or it may be imagined (having deemed aspects, as-if observable)ISO 16354
Boolean OperatorsLogical operators such as conjunction - (and) disjunction - (or), and negation - (not) used in solid modelling to combine primitive solidsISO/DSI 16757-2
Physical Object - Aspect RelationRelation between a kind of physical object and a kind of aspect that specifies that the physical objects of the specified kind can have or has by definition an aspect of the specified kind R1 role player: physical object R2 role player: aspect/R1 role: possessor R2 role: possessed/R1-R2 expression: can have as aspect a R2-R1 expression: can be an aspect of aISO 16354
Briefworking document which specifies at any point in time the relevant needs and aims, resources of the client and user, the context of the project and any appropriate design requirements within which all subsequent briefing (when needed) and designing can take placeBS 8536-1
PlaceholderSimplified or generic representation of a 3D objectPAS 1192-2 Back
Briefingprocess of identifying and analysing the needs, aims and constraints (the resources and the context) of the client and the relevant parties, and of formulating any resulting problems that the designer is required to solveBS 8536-1, BS7832, ISO9699
Plain Language QuestionsPLQQuestions asked of the supply chain by the employer to inform decision-making at key stages of an asset life cycle or projectPAS 1192-3
BSS PropertyTechnical property that describes an aspect of the current state of a BSSISO/DSI 16757-1
Platform as a ServicePAASOBE
Building Information ManagementBIM(M)Sometimes Building Information Management but as BIM(M) Building Information and ManagementPAS 1192-2 Back
PortLocated, oriented and directed feature of the product's geometry model for connecting the product to transfer media, fastening other products or executing treatmentISO/DSI 16757-2
Building Information ModelBIMShared digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of any built object, including buildings, bridges, roads, process plantISO 12911
Portable Document Format (File Format)PDFPortable Document Format. A standard document format from Adobe Systems for transfer between different computer systemsPAS 1192-2 Back
Building Information ModellingBIMprocess of designing, constructing or operating a building or infrastructure asset using electronic object-oriented informationISO 12911, ISO/DSI 16757-1, ISO/DIS 29481-1, PAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, PAS 1192-5, BS8636-1
Post-occupancy EvaluationPOEprocess of evaluating an asset/facility after it has been completed and is in use to understand its actual performance against that required and to capture lessons learnedBS8636-1
Building Information Modelling Execution PlanBEPPlan prepared by the suppliers to explain how the information modelling aspects of a project will be carried outPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Pre-design ProcessConstruction process determining construction properties for the built environment before it is designedISO 12006-2
Building Information Modelling (Pre-appointment)BEPplan that explains how the information management aspects of the appointment will be carried out by the delivery team Note 1 to entry: The pre-appointment BIM execution plan focuses on the delivery team's proposed approach to information management and their capability and capacity to manage information.BS EN ISO 19650-2
ProcedureSpecified way to carry out an activity or a processISO 22263
Building Information Modelling (Delivery Team's)BEPplan that explains how the information management aspects of the appointment will be carried out by the delivery teamBS EN ISO 19650-2
Processset of interrelated or interacting activities that use inputs to deliver an intended resultISO 6707-1
Building ServicesUtilities and installations supplied and distributed within a building such as electricity, gas, heating, water, and communicationsISO/DSI 16757-1
Process MapPMRepresentation of the relevant characteristics of a process associated with a defined business purposeISO/DSI 29481-1
Building Services SystemBSSTechnical system that provides building services in a buildingISO/DSI 16757-1
Procurement (Construction Related)commissioning of goods, works and services in relation to a construction related projectPAS 91
Built AssetBuilding, multiple buildings (e.g. a site or campus) or built infrastructure (e.g. roads, railways, pipelines, dams, docks, etc.) that is the subject of a construction project or where the asset information is held in a digital formatPAS 1192-5
ProductOrderable, technical entityISO/DSI 16757-1
Built Asset Security Information RequirementsBASIRThe BASIR shall detail the employer or asset owner's requirements with regard to the arrangements for, and overseeing of, the secure capture, handling, dissemination, storage, access and use of all data and information pertaining to sensitive assets and systemsPAS 1192-5
Product CatalogueCompilation of information about productsISO/DSI 16757-1
Built Asset Security ManagerIndividual reporting directly to, or employed by, the employer or asset owner and undertaking the role of security managementPAS 1192-5
Product DeclarationData related to a product provided or verified by a distinct independent declaration scheme to support specification and selectionBS 8541-6
Built Environmentcollection of man-made or induced physical objects located in a particular area or regionISO 6707-3
Product GroupSet of products described by common propertiesISO/DSI 16757-1
Built SpaceSpace defined by built or natural environment or both, intended for user activity or equipmentISO 12006-2
Product IndexCompilation of references to all property values of a defined product, the product description, the product geometry, and the product article numbersISO/DSI 16757-1
Business RequirementA requirement that describes in business terms what needs to be delivered or accomplishedISO/DIS 29481-1
Product ObjectType object intended to represent an obtainable product, either as a requirement or exemplar or as-builtBS 8541-1, BS 8541-3, BS 8541-4
BuyerClient or other entity procuring the services of supplier(s) contributing to the fulfilment of a construction related contractPAS 91
Product SeriesTypes of products, defined by the manufacturer, which are commonly constructed and manufacturedISO/DSI 16757-1
CAD StandardStandard used to produce CAD models that will include origins, units, layering conventions, line specifications, file-naming conventions, drawing numbering, etc.PAS 1192-2 Back
Product ShapeGeometric representation of the space defined by the product's external boundariesISO/DSI 16757-2
CAD ViewerSoftware used to view rendition print fi les without requiring the user to have the software that produced the model. (Adobe PDF, DWF, etc.)PAS 1192-2 Back
Product SurfaceColoured and textured outer boundary of the product's shape whose rendered appearance responds to the relative lighting and viewing anglesISO/DSI 16757-2
Capital/delivery PhaseMajor works where information is managed using PAS 1192-2:2013 and an asset is designed, procured and deliveredPAS 1192-3
Production ProcessConstruction process resulting in built environmentBSI 12006-2
Catalogue MetadataData in the catalogue which contains data about the catalogue itselfISO/DSI 16757-1
ProjectUnique process consisting of a set of coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve an objective conforming to specific requirements, including the constraints of time, cost and resources to effect change to the physical or operational aspects of a facilityISO 12911
CDM Coordinatoremployee whose role is to 'advise and assist the client to comply with their duties under the Construction (Design and Management)] Regulations'BS7000-4
Project (Project Information)unique process, consisting of a set of coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve an objective conforming to specific requirements, including the constraints of time, cost and resources.BS ISO 22263:2008 cl 2.10
Characteristicabstraction of a property of one or more objectsISO 6707-1
Project (Quality Management)unique process (3.4.1), consisting of a set of coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve an objective (3.7.1) conforming to specific requirements (3.6.4), including the constraints of time, cost and resourcesNote 1 to entry: An individual project can form part of a larger project structure and generally has a defined start and finish date.Note 2 to entry: In some projects the objectives and scope are updated and the product (3.7.6) or service (3.7.7) characteristics (3.10.1) defined progressively as the project proceeds.Note 3 to entry: The output (3.7.5) of a project can be one or several units of product or service.Note 4 to entry: The project's organization (3.2.1) is normally temporary and established for the lifetime of the project.Note 5 to entry: The complexity of the interactions among project activities is not necessarily related to the project size.[SOURCE: ISO 10006:2003, 3.5, modified — Notes 1 to 3 have been modified]ISO 9000
CIC Scope of ServicesMulti-disciplinary scope of services published by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) for use by members of the project team on major projectsPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Project (Project Management)temporary endeavour created to produce agreed deliverables (3.19)ISO 21506:2018 cl 3.59
Clash RenditionCRRendition of the native format model file to be used specifically for spatial coordination processes. To achieve clash avoidance or to be used for clash detectionPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Project Delivery Teamgroup of organizations or individuals contracted either directly or indirectly to deliver services or products to the project, and personnel from the employer or asset owner who are directly involved in the management, planning and delivery of the projectPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, PAS 1192-5
ClassA type or collection of things that share common attributesISO/DIS 29481-1
Project Execution Planhigh-level statement of the intentions and arrangements for a projectBS8636-1
ClassificationSystematic arrangement of headings and sub-headings for aspects of construction work including the nature of assets, construction elements, systems and productsPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Project Implementation PlanPIPStatement relating to the suppliers, IT and human resources capability to deliver the EIRPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Classification RelationRelation that relates an individual thing to a kind of thing, indicating that the individual thing is of a specified kind, because of the fact that the individual thing has aspects that comply with the definition of the kind R1 role player: an individual thing R2 role player: concept/R1 role: classified R2 role: classifier/R1-R2 expression: is classified as a R2-R1 expression: is a classifier ofISO 16354
Project Information ModelPIMInformation model developed during the design and production and construction phase of a project, consisting of graphical information, non- graphical information and documentation defining the delivered projectPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, PAS 1192-3, BS8636-1
ClauseSubsection of a guidance document which contains an objective and one or more definitions and requirementsISO 12911
Project Information ModelPIMinformation model (cl 3.3.10) relating to the delivery phase Note 1 to entry: During the project, the project information model can be used to convey the design intent (sometimes called the design intent model) or the virtual representation of the asset (3.2.8) to be constructed (sometimes called the virtual construction model).BS EN ISO 19650-1
Clientperson or organization initiating and financing a project and approving the briefISO 6707-1
Project's Information Production Methods and ProceduresPIPMPThe methods and procedures for: a) the capture of existing asset information; b) the generation, review or approval of new information; c) the security or distribution of information; and d) the delivery of information to the appointing party.BS EN ISO 19650-2
ClientActor responsible for initiating a project and approving the brief.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Project Information RequirementsPIRinformation requirements in relation to the delivery of an asset.BS EN ISO 19650-1
ClippingOperation applied to a geometric model to remove parts of the model beyond a defined boundaryISO/DSI 16757-2
Project's Information StandardPISthe any specific information standards required by the appointing party's organizationBS EN ISO 19650-2
CodeSequence of characters, often a mnemonic, having defined meaning when interpreted in the context of the field in which it is entered, used to concisely convey meta-dataBS 1192
Project Journalthe list of 'multiple journal entries into the archive recording information containers in any of the other states.'BS EN ISO 19650-1
CollectionConcept that indicates a plurality, consisting of a number of things without a particular structure between the elements and not necessarily with a common discriminatorISO 16354
Project Teamappointing party and all delivery teamsBS EN ISO 19650-2
Collection of Concepts RelationRelation that specifies that a concept is an element of a collection of concepts R1 role player: concept R2 role player: collection/R1 role: collected R2 role: collector/R1-R2 expression: is an element in collection of concepts R2-R1 expression: is a collection of concepts includingISO 16354
PromoterAlgorithm that generates an interaction schema for an interaction framework, interaction framework schema, and templates file for inputISO/DSI 29481-2
Commissioningprocess by which equipment, a system, a facility or a plant that is installed, is completed or near completion is tested to verify if it functions according to its design specification and intended applicationBS8636-1, ISO 50004
Propertyfeature or quality of an objectISO 6707-1
Common Arrangement of Work SectionsCAWSCommon Arrangement of Work Sections, published by CPIC for use in specifications and bills of quantitiesPAS 1192-2 Back
Property SetGrouping of properties that belong together based on some principle, e.g. viewpoint, lifecycle stageISO 15686
Common Data EnvironmentCDESingle source of information for any given project, used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved project documents for multi-disciplinary teams in a managed processPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, PAS 1192-3, PAS 1192-5, BS8636-1
Published/DocumentationComponent of the CDE for drawing renditions that have been approved as suitable for a specific purpose - for example, suitable for constructionBS 1192-2 Back
Common Data EnvironmentCDEagreed source of information for any given project or asset, for collecting, managing and disseminating each information container through a managed process.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Published/DocumentationNOT DEFINED IN ISO 19650
Common Data Environment (Project's)The CDE that serves the overall requirements of the project and supports the collaborative production of information.BS EN ISO 19650-2
Purpose of IssueStates the purpose for issuing the documentBS 1192-2 Back
Common Data Environment StateThe state of the information containers, Work in Progress, Shared, Published or Archive stateBS EN ISO 19650-1
Purpose of IssueNOT DEFINED IN ISO 19650
Common Data Environment SolutionThe CDE solution provides the technology to support the processes of CDE workflow.BS EN ISO 19650-1
PurposesThose aspects of the Facility that are intended to be managed by the facility ownerBS 1192-2 Back
Common Data Environment WorkflowThe CDE workflow describes the processes to be used for the function of the CDE solutionBS EN ISO 19650-1
Qualification RelationKind of specialization relation that relates two concepts whereby the subtype is a qualitative concept and the supertype is a conceptual concept R1 role player: qualitative concept R2 role player conceptual concept/R1 role: qualifier R2 role: nature/R1-R2 expression: is a qualification of R2-R1 expression: is the nature ofISO 16354
Componentnamed and individually scheduled physical items and features that might require management, such as inspection, maintenance, servicing or replacement, during the in-use phasePAS 1192-2 Back, BS 1192-4
QualityDegree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirementsISO 9000
Composition RelationRelation between two kinds of things that specifies that something that is classified by a concept that plays the role of whole can have one or more components that are classified by another concept that plays the role of part, in which the number of parts may be constrained by cardinality constraints R1 role player: concept R2 role player: concept/ R1 role: part R2 role: whole/R1-R2 expression: can be a part of a R2-R1 expression: can be a whole for aISO 16354
Quantity SetGrouping of characteristic measure propertiesISO 15686-4
Computer Aided DesignCAD
RACI IndicatorAbbreviation used to identify which of a group of participants or stakeholders are responsible for ('R'), authorize ('A'), contribute to ('C') or are to be kept informed about ('I') a project activityPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Computer Aided Design and DraughtingCADD
RAG Reportperformance report summarizing a series of assessments as red (does not meet requirement), amber (does not meet requirement but plan in place to bring up to standard), or green (meets requirement)PAS 1192-3
Computer-aided Facility ManagementCAFM
RecordDocument stating results achieved or providing evidence of activities performedISO 22263
Concept(1) unit of knowledge created by a unique combination of aspects and/or components (adapted from ISO 1087-1) (2) commonality between individual things that is defined by one or more constraints that describe the limits for the inclusion of individual things to conform to the conceptISO 16354
Red Amber GreenRAG
ConcessionPermission to use or release a product that does not conform to specific requirements or a concession against a contract requirement (gain permission for non-conformance)PAS 1192-2 Back
Reference FileCAD model file associated or linked with another CAD model file. Also referred to as an 'X-ref'PAS 1192-2 Back
Concurrent EngineeringSystematic approach to the integrated, concurrent design of products and their related processes, including manufacture and support (based on IDA definition). In a construction context it incorporates, both early contractor and owner/operator involvementPAS 1192-2 Back
Reference informationexisting asset infromationBS EN ISO 19650-2:2018
Conventional Cartesian AxisGeometric convention using positive co-ordinates (X, Y, Z) ordered as (East, North, upwards), so that conventional plans use X, Y; and Z is upwardsBS 1192
RelationConcept that expresses a fact or opinion about a fact by specifying the things that are involved in the fact and the roles that the various involved things play in the factISO 16354
ConfigurationInterrelated functional and physical characteristics of a product defined in product configuration informationPAS 1192-2 Back
Relation Between an Individual Thing and a Kind of ThingISO 16354
Configuration ItemEntity within a configuration that satisfies an end use functionPAS 1192-2 Back
Relation Between Kinds of ThingsRelation that specifies knowledge or requirements or permissions in general terms about what can be the case, shall be the case, is allowed to be the case or is by definition the caseISO 16354
Configuration ManagementCo-ordinated activities to direct and control configurationPAS 1192-2 Front
RenditionDocumentation in a form enabling the information to be viewed, printed and marked up. For example, PDF and DWF files are documentation consisting of snapshots ofPAS 1192-2 Back
Configuration Status AccountingFormalized recording and reporting of product configuration information, the status of proposed changes and the status of the implementation of approved changesPAS 1192-2 Back
Renditionelectronic encoding of a document (3.1)ISO 22938:2017
ConformityFulfilment of a requirementISO 22263
Representationscale view of an objectBS 8541-2
ConnectionNamed logical relationship between two ComponentsBS 1192-4
Representation ObjectObject that represents a product or a part of it as a wholeISO/DSI 16757-1
ConsortiumAssociation of two or more entities (individuals, companies or organizations) pooling resources to participate in a common construction related projectPAS 91
RequirementsRequirements are the documented expectations of facility owners/commissioners for sharable structured information. These are also referred to as the Employers Information Requirements (EIR)PAS 1192-2 Back
ConstraintRelationship between two or more elements in a model, which should be maintained in any modifications made subsequent to a model transferISO 12911
ResourceNamed material or skill required to execute Jobs
Constructed FacilityA unit of the built environment with a characteristic spatial form, intended to serve some function or support a user activityISO/DIS 29481-1
Resources (Project Information) Resources: Activities are performed with the help of equipment, such as tools, hardware and software, machines, etc. Some of the project information relates to the resources in terms of specifications, validations, purchases, contracts, etc.BS ISO 22263:2008, cl 4.5
ConstructionBuilding, civil engineering or other structural engineering workPAS 91
Resource Breakdown Structure decomposition of people, equipment, material or other assetsISO 21506:2018 cl 3.70
Construction (Design and Management) regulationsCDMConstruction (Design and Management) regulationsPAS 1192-2 Back
Responsibility matrix /assignment matrixChart that describes the participation by various functions in completing tasks or deliverables.Note 1 to entry: A responsibility matrix can indicate accountability, consultation and informing, alongside the obligation to complete tasks or deliverables.[SOURCE: ISO 37500:2014, 3.16, modified — The word "roles" has been replaced with "functions"; the words "for an outsourcing arrangement" have been removed; Note 1 to entry has been added.]BS EN ISO 19650-1:2018
Construction ActivityComponent process of construction processISO 12006-2
Responsibiltythe obligation to complete tasks or deliverables.BS EN ISO 19650-1:2018
Construction AgentHuman construction resource carrying out a construction processISO 12006-2
Acceptablemeets stakeholder expectations that are capable of being shown as reasonable or meritedISO 38500 cl 2.1
Construction AidConstruction resource intended to assist in carrying out a construction processISO 12006-2
Accountableanswerable for actions, decisions, and performance ISO 38500 cl 2.2
Construction ComplexAggregate of one or more construction entities intended to serve at least one function or user activityISO 12006-2
Accountabilitystate of being accountable Note 1 to entry: Accountability relates to an allocated responsibility. The responsibility can be based on regulation or agreement or through assignment as part of delegation.ISO 38500 cl 2.3
Construction ElementConstituent of a construction entity with a characteristic function, form, or positionISO 12006-2
ReviewActivity undertaken to determine the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the subject matter to achieve established objectives
Construction EntityIndependent unit of the built environment with a characteristic form and spatial structure, intended to serve at least one function or user activityISO 12006-2
RevisionUsed to identify revisions of documents, drawing and model filesPAS 1192-2 Back
Construction Indexing System for Construction ProductsCI/SfBThe UK version of the Construction Indexing Classification System for Construction products and elements - a version of the SfB classification system originating from SwedenPAS 1192-2 Back
Risk AppetiteFunction of an organization's capacity to bear riskPAS 1192-5
Construction InformationInformation of interest in a construction processISO 12006-2
RoleFunctions being performed by an actor at a point in timeISO 16354
Construction ObjectObject of interest in the context of a construction processISO 12006-2
Role of a Physical ObjectRole that a physical object plays in a relationship or the contribution that a physical object delivers in an occurrenceISO 16354
Construction Operation Building information exchangeCOBieSubset of BS ISO 16739 IFC documented as a buildingSMART model view definition (MVD) which includes operational information used to supply data to the organization to populate decision-making tools and asset management systemsISO 15686-4, PAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-Back, PAS 1192-3, BS 1192-4
ScaleKind of relation that is used to classify relations between physical properties and numbers, thus indicating a method for quantifying sizes or extents of aspects by mathematical values or rangesISO 16354
Construction OrganizationGroup of individuals acting together in a structured, coordinated manner to achieve a common construction objectivePAS 91
Scope of Workdesign, construction work and/or installation, testing and commissioning, handover and start-up activities necessary to deliver an operational asset/facilityBS 8636-1
Construction ProcessProcess which uses construction resources to achieve construction resultsISO 12006-2, ISO/DIS 29481-1
Security ManagementRole in connection with the project or the management of the asset which is responsible for security of the built asset and associated asset information during the design, construction, operation and maintenance, and disposal or decommissioning of a built assetPAS 1192-5
Construction Process LifecycleSequence of stages from the start to the end of the construction processISO 12006-2
Security-mindedUnderstanding and routine application of appropriate and proportionate security measures in any business situation so as to deter and/or disrupt hostile, malicious, fraudulent and criminal behaviours or activitiesPAS 1192-5
Construction ProductProduct intended to be used as a construction resourceISO 12006-2
Semantic Model ViewA MVD the non-graphical view of the (federated) model (to the IFC semantic arrangement) e.g. an output to the COBie Schema.BRE DEFINITION
Construction PropertyProperty of a construction objectISO 12006-2
Sensitive Built AssetBuilt asset, as a whole or in part, that may be of interest to a threat agent for hostile, malicious, fraudulent and/or criminal behaviours or activatesPAS 1192-5
Construction ResourceConstruction object used in a construction process to achieve a construction resultISO 12006-2
Sensitive InformationInformation, the loss, misuse or modification of which, or unauthorized access to, could: adversely affect the privacy, welfare or safety of an individual or individuals; compromise intellectual property or trade secrets of an organization; cause commercial or economic harm to an organization or country; and/or jeopardize the security, internal and foreign affairs of a nation, depending on the level of sensitivity and nature of the informationPAS 1192-5
Construction ResultConstruction object which is formed or changed in state as the result of one or more construction processes using one or more construction resourcesISO 12006-2
SharedComponent of the CDE. The shared section of the CDE is where information can be made available to others in a 'safe' environment. The early release of information assists in the rapid development of the design solution. To allow this to be achieved, the concept of information 'status/suitability' has been adoptedPAS 1192-2
Construction Result LifecyclePeriod of time from inception to the demolition of a construction resultISO 12006-2
Shared Resources— process output templates (BIM execution plan, master information delivery plan, etc.); — information container templates (2D/3D geometrical models, documents, etc.); — style libraries (lines, text and hatch, etc.); or — object libraries (2D symbols, 3D objects, etc.).BS EN ISO 19650-2:2018 cl 5.1.6 c)
Construction SystemInteracting construction objects organized to achieve one or more stated purposesISO 12006-2
SI SystemInternational system of unitsPAS 1192-2
Constructive Solid GeometryCSGConstructive solid geometry representation. A CSG object is composed from standard primitives using regularised Boolean operations and rigid motionsPAS 1192-2
Simplified Representationscale view incorporating only the essential shape, size or features of an objectBS 8541-2
ConsultantEntity providing expert advice or other services in relation to a construction project e.g. a designerPAS 91
SmartApplication of autonomous or semi-autonomous technology systems to achieve greater utilization of resources, limiting or reducing per capita resource consumption to maintain or improve quality of lifePAS 1192-5
ContactNamed person and/or organization involved in the Facility lifecycleBS 1192-4
Smart CityEffective integration of physical, digital and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizensPAS 1192-5
ContainerNamed persistent set of data within a file system or application data storage hierarchy including, but not limited to, directory, sub-directory, data file, or distinct sub-set of a data file, such as a chapter or section, layers or symbolBS 1192
Smart GridElectricity network that uses information and communications technology (ICT) to integrate the actions of all users connected to it - generators, consumers and those that do both - in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity suppliesPAS 1192-5
ContractorEntity undertaking physical construction related activity at one or more construction sites in accordance with a formal arrangement made in advancePAS 91
Soft Landingsprocess for the graduated handover of a new or refurbished asset/facility, where a defined period of aftercare by the design and construction team is an owner's requirement that is planned and developed from the outset of the projectPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
ConventionAccepted way of drawing an item which may have the nature of a representation, a simplified representation or a symbolBS 8541-2
Solid ModellingMethod to describe shapes and surfaces by a computer model by joining solid primitivesISO/DSI 16757-2
Coordinate (position)Named position associated to Facility, Floor (region), Space (location), Component or AssemblyBS 1192-4
SpaceLimited three-dimensional extent defined physically or notionallyISO 12006-2
Coordinate (process)achieving complete agreement between the contents of an information model and the state of a physical assetPAS 1192-3
Space (Location)Named location for activities such as use, inspection or maintenance, including unoccupied or uninhabitable Spaces, but not necessarily inaccessible voidsBS 1192-4
Cyber Hygieneconditions and practices that serve to promote or preserve cyber safety and security by individual system usersPAS 1192-5
Sparenamed replaceable part associated to TypesBS 1192-4
Cyber-physical SystemsCPSsystem designed as an entity, or set of entities, with a specific purpose, or to meet a capability objectivePAS 1192-5
Specialization RelationRelation between kinds of things that relates two concepts whereby the subtype concept is a more specific concept than the supertype concept and has all the aspects that define the supertype concept R1 role player: concept/ R2 role player: concept R1 role: subtype/R2 role: supertype R2 expression/R2-R1 expression is a specialization of/is a generalization ofISO 16354
DataInformation stored but not yet interpreted or analyzedPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-3
SpecificationDocument stating requirementsISO 22263, BS 8541-4
Data EnvironmentTechnologies (Data repositories) and their workflow for managing information. Generally those used by appointed partiesBRE DEFINITION
Stagedivision of a standardized process map for the acquisition of a facility, at some of which the requirements can be deliveredBS 8636-1
Data Managerorganizational representative responsible for establishing governance and assuring data and information flow to and from the AIMPAS 1192-3
Stakeholderperson, group or organization that has interests in, or can affect, be affected by or perceive itself to be affected by, any aspect of the projectBS 8636-1, ISO 21500
Data Storerepository for data within the AIMPAS 1192-3
Standard FontAgreed set of font types and sizes to be used for the projectPAS 1192-2 Back
Declaration Schemeset of requirements for characterizing product or facility performance, prepared by an independent body other than the product manufacturer or supplier, and other than the purchaser or ownerBS 8541-6
Standard Layering ConventionSingle layering convention used by the project teamPAS 1192-2 Back
Declarerprovider of the declaration, typically the manufacturer or supplier, but can be a library or scheme providerBS 8541-6
Standard Method and ProcedureSMPSet of standard methods and procedures covering the way information is named, expressed and referencedPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
DefinitionRepresentation of a concept by a descriptive statement which serves to differentiate it from related conceptsISO 15686-4
Static PropertyTechnical property that is independent of the operating conditions of the building services system in which the product is installed and which gets its fixed value from the catalogueISO/DSI 16757-1
Definition RelationRelation that specifies that a textual description is a description of something R1 role player: character string R2 role player: anything/R1 role: description R2 role: described/R1-R2 expression: is a description of R2-R1 expression: is described asISO 15686-4
StatusDefines the 'suitability' of information in a model drawing or document. Not to be confused with the status in architectural documentation as 'new build', 'retain' or 'demolish'PAS 1192-2 Back
Deliverableproduct or service as an outcome of a processBS 8536-1
Status CodeMeta-data describing the suitability of the content of an information container. (3.3.12)BS EN ISO 19650-1
Delivery TeamLead appointed party and their appointed parties.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Structured InformationVectorized file, geometric models, schedules, databases etc.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Delivery team's capability and capacitythe delivery team's capability to manage and produce information and its capacity for timely delivery of the informationBS EN ISO 19650-2
Sub-consultantEntity engaged on consultancy work, directly under the control of a consultantPAS 91
Delivery Team's Risk Registerrisk register containing the risks associated with the timely delivery of information, in accordance with the appointing party's exchange information requirements, and how the delivery team intends to manage these risks.BS EN ISO 19650-2
Sub-contractorEntity engaged to undertake work for a contractor as part of a larger project being undertaken by that second entityPAS 91
Delivery phasepart of the life cycle , during which an asset is designed, constructed and commissionedBS EN ISO 19650-2
Sub-Modelmodel included as an instance in another modelBS 1192
Descriptive ObjectObject giving descriptive and/or visual information about the productISO 15686-4
SupplierProvider of services or goods either directly to the employer or to another supplier in a supply chainPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, PAS 91
Design (File Format)DGNFile extension for Bentley Systems, MicroStation and Intergraph's Interactive Graphics Design System CAD programs.PAS 1192-2 Back
Supplier Information Modelling Assessment FormThe form conveying the capability and experience of a supplier to carry out information modelling in a collaborative environmentPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Design Intent ModelInitial version of the Project Information Model developed by the design suppliersPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Supplier Information Technology Assessment FormThe form conveying the capability and IT resources of a supplier for exchanging information in a collaborative environmentPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Design Intent ModelUse of the project information model to convey the design intent.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Supplementary Informationadditional descriptive information associated to the assetsBS 1192-4
Design ProcessConstruction process determining construction properties for the built environment before it is made physicalISO 12006-2
Supporting Information— existing asset information, — shared resources, — supporting documents or guidance material, — references to relevant international, national or industry standards, and — exemplars of similar information deliverables;
Design Review Protocolprocedure for ensuring a structured and systematic review of a design at defined points in the project life cycleBS 8536-1
Supply Chainsequence of all entities engaged directly or indirectly by a client to contribute goods, works and services to a construction related projectPAS 91
Design TeamSub-set of the project delivery team and/or task team that is involved in the delivery of the brief, concept, definition and design stages of the projectPAS 1192-5
Supply Chain Capability Assessment FormForm summarizing the human resource and IT capability of each organization in a supply chainPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Design Web FormatDWFDesign web format. An open, secure file format developed by Autodesk for the distribution and communication of design data to view, review, or print design filesPAS 1192-2 Back
Symbolgraphic device without scale used: a) on a drawing to indicate the occurrence and/or location of an item; b) in an annotation to indicate one or more of the attributes of an itemBS 8541-2
Digital Plan of WorksdPoWGeneric schedule of phases, roles, responsibilities, assets and attributes, made available in a computable formBS 1192-4, BS8636-1
Symbol Element (Element)Graphic device without scale used only in combination with a symbol (or symbols) or with other elements, to form a symbolBS 8541-2
Dispositioning AuthorityPerson or a group of persons assigned responsibility and authority to make decisions on the configurationPAS 1192-2 Back
Synonym RelationRelation between two naming relations that relates an object with a particular name in one context with the same object with another (or the same) name in another context in the same language R1 role player: naming relation R2 role player: naming relation/R1 role: synonym R2 role: base/ R1-R2 expression: is s synonym of, is an abbreviation of R2-R1 expression: is a synonym for, is abbreviated byISO 16354
DocumentContainer for persistent information that can be managed and interchanged as a unitPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, BS 1192-4
Systemnamed set of manageable Components providing a common functionPAS 1192-2 Back
Document Exchange Format (File Format)DXFFile format used mainly for importing and exporting CAD data between AutoCAD and other CAD-related programsPAS 1192-2 Back
System (IFC)Organized combination of related parts, composed for a common purpose or function or to provide a service. System is essentially a functionally related aggregation of productsPAS 1192-2 Back
Document Management SystemDMSDocument management systemPAS 1192-2 Back
System EngineeringInterdisciplinary approach enabling the realization of successful systemsPAS 1192-2 Back
Document RepositoryEntity including an electronic data management (EDM) system, project extranet or folder hierarchy on a Windows file serverPAS 1192-2 Back
TaskSet of activities normally under the responsibility of one agentISO 22263
DrawingDocument used to present graphic informationBS 1192, PAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Task Information Delivery PlanTIDPFederated lists of information deliverables by each task, including format, date and responsibilitiesPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Drawing (File Format)DWGProprietary AutoCAD file formatPAS 1192-2 Back
Task Information Delivery PlanTIDPschedule of information containers and delivery dates, for a specific task teamBS EN ISO 19650-2
Drawing Title BlockFramework ? often containing the project team's logos ? to show the drawing title, number, purpose of issue status and revision informationPAS 1192-2 Back
Task TeamIndividuals assembled to perform a specific taskBS EN ISO 19650-1 cl 3.2.7
Dynamic PropertyTechnical property, that reflects the product's behaviour under the operating conditions of the building services system in which the product is installedISO/DSI 16757-1
Technical PropertyProperty which is used to represent technical data and functions for designing, calculating, and simulating the productISO/DSI 16757-1
Earned Value AnalysisEVAA method of project performance measurement that integrates cost, time and scopePAS 1192-2 Back
Template ObjectType object intended to guide the production of generic objects and product objects by providing schedules of classification values and a minimum set of attributesBS 8541-1, BS 8541-3, BS 8541-4
Electronic Document Management SystemEDMSSystem for storing, retrieving, sharing and otherwise managing electronic documentsPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Templates FileFile containing a number of templates, independent of the interaction framework, for generating an interaction schemaISO/DSI 29481-1
Employerperson or organization intending to or entering into a contract with the contractor for the provision of goods, services, or engineering and construction worksISO 10845-1
Term(1)verbal designation of a concept or individual thing in a specific subject field (adapted from ISO 1087-1:2000) (2)role of a physical character string or sound that may include spaces and silences, respectively, that is used to designate a concept (e.g. a kind of physical object or aspect) or to designate an individual thing in a particular language (coding system) and language communityISO 16354
Employer's Information RequirementsEIRA document setting out the information requirements to be delivered, and the standards and processes to be adopted by the supplier as part of the project delivery processPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, BS 1192-4, BS8636-1
Testertesting bodyBS 8541-6
Employer's RepresentativeThe employer's representative (who may be the lead designer or the supplier)PAS1192-2
Third-Partynon-design, non-construction organizations in a supply chainPAS1192-2
Employer's Representativeperson authorized to represent the employer and named as such in the contract data or targeting dataISO 10845-5
Third Party Capability Assessment FormForm conveying the information management and IT capabilities of non-design, non-construction organizations in a supply chainPAS 1192-2 Front
End-userperson receiving asset/facility-related servicesBS8636-1
ThreatPotential cause of an incident which may result in harm to a system or organizationPAS 1192-5
EnterpriseEntity constituting multiple organizations within the supply chainPAS 1192-5
Tolerancepermissible variation of the specified value of a quantityISO 6707-1
EntitySynonym for 'object'PAS 1192-2 Back
TraceabilityAbility to trace the history, application or location of that which is under considerationISO 22263
Exchange Information RequirementsEIRinformation requirements in relation to an appointment.BS EN ISO 19650-1
TransactionA communication event that fulfils a relationship between two rolesISO/DSI 29481-1
Exchange RequirementERA defined set of information units that need to be exchanged to support a particular business requirement at a particular process phase (or phases) / stage (or stages)ISO/DIS 29481-1
Transaction MapRepresentation of a set of messages that are exchanged between participating roles for a particular purposeISO/DSI 29481-1
Facility-related servicesupport provision to the primary processes and activities of an organization, delivered by an internal or external providerBS8636-1
Transaction RelationRelation between two naming relations that relates an object with a particular name in one language with the same object with another (or the same) name in another language R1 role player: naming relation R2 naming relation/R1 role: translation R2 role: base/R1-R2 expression: is a translation of R2-R1 expression: is translated byISO 16354
Facilities ManagementFMintegration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services that support and improve the effectiveness of its primary processes and activitiesBS8636-1
TransitionTransition is used to denote change (in the state of the information container)PD ISO 19650-0 table 2
FacilityNamed distinct operational built or geographic asset, typically a building or section of infrastructure along with details and extent of the geographic site and of the temporal projectISO 12911, BS 1192-4
TriggerPlanned or unplanned event that changes an asset or its statusPAS 1192-3
Facility DeclarationData associated to a facility such as a constructed asset, building or structure, provided or verified by a distinct independent declaration scheme to support evaluation and comparisonsBS 8541-6
Trigger eventPlanned or unplanned event that changes the asset or its status during its lifecycle, which results in information exchange.Note 1 to entry: During the delivery phase (3.2.11), trigger events normally reflect the ends of project stages.BS EN ISO 19650-1 cl 3.2.13
Facility Handbookorganized collection of documentation covering the operation of an asset/facilityBS8636-1
Trigger-related EventResponse to a trigger and the reflection of the altered state of the asset in the AIMPAS 1192-3
Facility ManagementAll the services before, during, and after utilisation of real estate properties and infrastructure based on a holistic (integral) strategyISO/DSI 16757-1
Typenamed specification for Components including equipment, products and materialsBS 1192-4
FactState of being the caseISO 16354
Type (Library) ObjectRepresentation of the common features of a product or group, including its classifications and propertiesBS 8541-1, BS 8541-3, BS 8541-4
FederationCreation of a composite information Model from separate information containers.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Type-of RelationRelation between two concepts where the intention of one of the concepts includes that of the other concept and at least one additional delimiting characteristicISO 12006
Federation strategyThe concept of volumes for sub-division of an information model is now described in terms of the reasons for which separate information models might need to be federated. This was an easier concept for non-UK countries to understand.BS EN ISO 19650-1
UniclassUnified classifications for the construction industry sponsored by CC, RICS, RIBA and CIBSE. The classification system is based on CI/SfB, CAWS and other relevant documents. Complying with BS ISO 12006-2PAS 1192-2 Back
FieldPart of a container name reserved for meta-dataBS 1192
Unique IdentifierUIDRole of a character string when used for unambiguous reference to a concept or to an individual thing (e.g. a physical object or an aspect or a fact or a relation type) and that is unique within a particular common context, preferably in a universal contextISO 16354
File StoreRepository for information within the asset information modelPAS 1192-3
Unit of MeasureScale that specifies how the size or extent of an aspect is unambiguously quantified by a value on a mathematical rangeISO 16354
Floor (Region)Named intermediate spatial subdivision, including distinct vertical levels and horizontal areas and sections with Spaces allocatedBS 1192-4
Un-structured InformationImage, video clip, sound recording etc.BS EN ISO 19650-1
FormulaAlgorithms and formulas for the calculation of computable product propertiesISO/DSI 16757-1
UserIndividual occupying or using a built asset for its design purposePAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
FrameworkStructure of processes and specifications designed to support the accomplishment of a specific taskISO 12911
Utilization RatioProportion of time that the facility or the product is expected to be fully utilizedISO 15686-4
FunctionAlgorithms and formulas for the calculation of computable product propertiesISO/DSI 16757-1
Validationconfirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that the requirements for a specific intended use or application have been fulfilledISO 9000
GateDivision of a standardized process map for the acquisition of a facility, at some of which the requirements can be deliveredPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Verificationconfirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that specified requirements have been fulfilledISO 9000
Generic Objecttype object intended for use in stages of design when the object is not resolved into a productBS 8541-1, BS 8541-3, BS 8541-4
VersionSub-indexing to revision as used in the common data environment to show the development of information and information models, e.g. if a version is named P1.1, P1 is the revision number and .1 is the version to that revisionPAS 1192-2 Back
Global Trade Item NumberGTINIdentifier for trade items used to look up product information in a database GS1ISO/DSI 16757-1
Virtual Construction ModelSubsequent version of the Project Information Model developed from the design intent model by the construction supplier and their supply chainPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Front
Globally Unique IdentifierGUIDIdentifier given to a product that guarantees its uniqueness throughout its entire lifeISO 15686-4
Virtual Construction ModelUse of the project information model to convey the virtual representation of the asset to be constructed. Progressed by the constructor from the design intent model.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Graphical DataData conveyed using shape and arrangement in spacePAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
VolumeManageable spatial subdivision of a project, defined by the 'project team' as a subdivision of the overall project that allows more than one person to work on the project models simultaneously and consistent with the analysis and design processPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Front
Graphical FileFile format designed specifically for representing graphical imagesPAS 1192-2 Back
Voorwaarden Scheppen Voor Invoeren Standaardisatie ICT in de Infrastructure-sectorVISIAcronym for Dutch standard for communication between partners in construction projectsISO/DSI 29481-1
HandoverThe stage of a capital/delivery project where the asset is made available for use or occupationPAS 1192-3
Vulnerabilityweakness of an asset or group of assets that can be exploited by one or more threatsPAS 1192-5
Hostile ReconnaissanceActivity of acquiring information about a target with the view to planning to attack, compromise, disrupt or destroy that target
Work in ProgressWIPComponent of the CDEPAS 1192-2 Back
IDM ComponentsThe basic elements that form an IDM: interaction maps / transaction maps, process maps and exchange requirementsISO/DIS 29481-1
Work ResultView of construction result by type of work activity and resources usedISO 12006
ImpactRepresentation of an economic, environmental or social dis-benefit of a productISO 15686-4, BS 1192-4
X-RefCAD model file associated or linked with another CAD model file. Also referred to as a 'reference file'PAS 1192-2 Back
Individual ThingConcept that classifies any real world or imaginary thing that has individuality that is not dependent on a commonality between thingsISO 16354
Zonenamed set of Spaces (locations) sharing a specific Attribute, such as activity, access, management or conditioningBS 1192-4
Informationmeaningful dataISO 22263
Information ConstraintA statement that formally defines or constrains the scope of a piece of information due to some aspect of the business, a rule under which an organization operates or a policy or decision that influences a processISO/DIS 29481-1
information containerNamed persistent set of information retrievable from within a file, system or application storage hierarchy. EXAMPLE - Including sub-directory, information file (including model, document, table, schedule), or distinct sub-set of an information file such as a chapter or section, layer or symbol.BS EN ISO 19650-2
Information Delivery ManualIDMStrategy for identifying the processes, exchange requirements, business rules and functional parts for information exchanges in facility projectsISO 12911, ISO/DIS 29481-2
Information Delivery Milestonesscheduled event for a predefined information exchangeBS EN ISO 19650-2
Information Delivery PlanA plan responding to the EIR that reflects the scope of the appointment within the asset life cycle. Includes the preparation of the Information Management Solution, the BEP (its included resources), the MIDP/TIDP, mobilization plan and potentially the LAP's EIRBS EN ISO 19650-1
Information DeviceConvention indicating an abstract itemBS 8541-2
Information ExchangeStructured collection of information at one of a number of pre-defined stages of a project with defined format and fidelityPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Information Exchangeact of satisfying an information requirement or part thereof (verb)BS EN ISO 19650-1
Information ManagementPolicies, processes, and tasks applied to inputting, processing and generation activities to ensure accuracy, authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of informationPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back, PAS 1192-5
Information Management ProcessIMPProcess to manage information related to the operational phase of an assetPAS 1192-3
Information ManagerOrganizational representative appointed by the employer or asset owner, who is responsible for establishing governance and assuring data and information flow to and from the common data environment (CDE) during the design, construction, operation and maintenance, and disposal or decommissioning of a built assetPAS 1192-5
Information Management SolutionA legally integrated supply chain framework of tools and resources that provide achievable planned delivery of information through defined information management processes.BRE DEFINITION
Information ModelSet of structured and unstructured information containers.BS EN ISO 19650-1
Information ModelThe information model comprises three constituent parts: graphical information, non-graphical information and documentation,PAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Information ModellingUse of data to provide information through better understanding, by applying logic or mathematical functions to derive new dataPAS 1192-2 Front, PAS 1192-2 Back
Information requirementspecification for what, when, how and for whom information (3.3.1) is to be producedBS EN ISO 19650-1
Information UnitAn individual information item such as a window identifier or a room depthISO/DIS 29481-1
InstanceOccurrence of an entity at a particular location and orientation within a modelBS 1192
Interaction FrameworkFormal description of the elements of interaction, including definition of roles, transactions, messages in transactions, and data elements in messagesISO/DIS 29481-1, ISO/DIS 29481-2
Interaction Framework SchemaFormal description of the rules with which sent and received messages must complyISO/DIS 29481-2
International Alliance for InteroperabilityIAIInternational Alliance for Interoperability. Now known as buildingSMARTPAS 1192-2 Back
Intrinsic AspectRole that an aspect plays in a relationship and that is dependent on the aspect as well as on the possessing objectISO 16354
Involvement RelationRelation between kinds of things that specifies that physical objects of a kind can play a role in an occurrence of a kind R1 role player: physical object R2 role player: occurrence/R1 role: involved R2: involver/R1-R2 expression: can be involved in R2-R1 expression: can involve aISO 16354
IssueNamed deficiency in the information or risk associated to the assetsBS 1192-4