First BREEAM bespoke criteria in China for leading indoor snow centre operators Bonski

BREEAM and Bonski revolutionise sustainability for indoor snow parks through a partnership between China’s largest indoor snow centre operator and the BRE

A new bespoke criteria between BRE and Bonski (formally Sunac Snow World) has been created which will reshape how their indoor snow parks are assessed for sustainability in China. Following the snow sports craze in the wake of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the pair have been working together to develop to deliver a brand-new certification specifically designed for Bonski’s snow parks.
The standard follows the guidance for any BREEAM bespoke project. As indoor snow parks are an uncommon and unusual project, the Bonski certification is a pioneering framework upon which future Bonski snow parks will be constructed. It will become the aspirational benchmark for similar projects throughout China and beyond.


In October 2021, Bonski and BRE agreed to design the new accreditation which would take into account the complexities associated with the construction and operation of indoor snow parks. A variety of systems were incorporated that had not been considered in the development of earlier projects. The China Academy of Building Research (CABR) helped to create the standard and – with Bonski and Sunac Culture and Tourism – the group had to find sustainable solutions to several complications. These ranged from passenger flow design and air quality to end-user comfort and safety. Standing upon Sunac Culture & Tourism’s snow businesses, Bonski plans to expand its business footprint and develop its full-value chain operating capabilities to embrace the lessons of its BREEAM certification wherever possible. This extends to R&D, planning & design, positioning, and development to operation & management.

About the framework

Many of the BREEAM criteria were considered when tailoring the framework for Bonski indoor parks: management; energy; health and wellbeing; ecology and landscape and pollution. Project-specific criteria were also developed, resulting in a high score for the BREEAM-approved innovations section. The framework’s complexity dictates that each new park must be considered on an individual basis, to account for the context and character of the local area. This ensures that every development under the bespoke Bonski framework is constructed in a way that encourages sustainability.


Sustainability is often at the forefront of Bonski’s projects. By challenging themselves to operate efficiently in an industry known for its intensive use of resources, Bonski has evidenced engineering ability and a desire to innovate by following the scienced-backed recommendations of the BREEAM bespoke standard. Each stage of the project life cycle, from conception to end of life, has been considered to fabricate a park that has incorporated sustainable performance wherever possible. The efforts of the project team have resulted in the next generation of indoor snow parks in China.


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