The trusted mark of sustainability in over 70 countries around the world.

BREEAM empowers those who commission, design, construct and manage buildings, infrastructure and communities to achieve their sustainability goals. A BREEAM certificate demonstrates to everyone that claims of sustainability – and the benefits and value it brings – can be confidently accepted.

BREEAM is an expression of values, a flag around which people can gather, it’s living and evolving

Sir Tim Smit, Eden Project co-founder

BREEAM impartially assesses, rewards and motivates actions to improve our built environment by setting scientifically rigorous standards that take environmental, social and economic sustainability beyond current regulations and practice. Based on a common framework of technical standards, versions of BREEAM have been developed to assess all key elements of the built environment including:

BREEAM incorporates a very broad range of key sustainability issues in nine categories:





Health and Wellbeing



Land Use & Ecology


BREEAM training

The BRE Academy offers a full range of BREEAM training courses for BREEAM assessors, BREEAM Accredited Professionals and anyone wanting an overview of BREEAM. The full list of training courses is here.

For full details about BREEAM visit the BREEAM website at