Spreadsheets for SAP assessors

These spreadsheets can be used in conjunction with SAP software for the situations indicated.

Multiple wind turbines (SAP 2005 and SAP 2009)

When there is more than one wind turbine with differing hub height or rotor diameter.

Download spreadsheet for multiple wind turbines

Two photovoltaic types (SAP 2005)

When there are two PV types with differing kWp, orientation, pitch or shading.

Download spreadsheet two PV types

Multiple MEV systems (SAP 2005 and SAP 2009)

When there are two centralised MEV systems, or a centralised MEV system and decentralised MEV.

Download spreadsheet for multiple MEVs

Community systems with multiple fuels (SAP 2009, Scotland)

When there is a community heating scheme using more than one fuel and the SAP software says that the spreadsheet must be used.

Download spreadsheet for Scotland community TER

Flue Gas and Waste Water Heat Recovery (SAP 2009)

If the SAP software does not handle these items, the following spreadsheets can be used and the resulting energy savings entered into the SAP software as a Special Feature (Appendix Q).

Download spreadsheet for FGHRS (v 1.08a, 4 Feb 2011)
Download spreadsheet for WWHRS (v 1.08a, 30 Jun 2011)