Sound insulation performance and airtightness can be reduced when recessed downlights are installed into a ceiling. This can result in several adverse outcomes, including complaints and health problems to those subsequently exposed.



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Builders must have confidence that a completed ceiling will satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations with a specific downlight fitted for them to use the product within their development. They need robust, and independent, test evidence to confirm this.

BRE’s laboratories can provide independent testing of downlight products to demonstrate their suitability for use in the ceiling where it forms part of the separating floor between flats and the ceiling which separates a home from its loft space.

Our experienced technicians can provide a tailored testing service, fully managed on site and our purpose-built laboratory provides a swift and cost-effective solution for the testing required.

What do we test:


To establish compliance with the regulations of the current approved documents as part of the Building Regulations 2010 we test to:

– Approved Document C: Resistance to contaminants and moisture (airtightness).
– Approved Document E: Resistance to the passage of sound (acoustics).

How we can help:


UKAS accredited sound insulation testing of downlights in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 and BS EN ISO 10140-3 to satisfy the Robust Details Appendix F acoustic performance requirements, for use with Approved Document E to The Building Regulations.

– Airtightness testing of downlights in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004 to Approved Document C of the Building Regulations 2010.
– Technical reports providing evidence of the performance.

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4. Technical report sent to the customer with results

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