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Do you need to verify the safety of your products or give the market confidence in a pioneering innovation? Our certification and verifications give you the confidence that your product’s claims are credible for the benefit of your customers. We are leaders in built environment safety testing and an independent, international certification body. We certify the safety of a range of products and services including fire, security, construction, environmental management processes and systems.

We rigorously test your product against published standards, and we can also develop bespoke testing for new, unique or innovative products

We use a thorough process that includes independent assessment and validation of the evidence you give us about your product, service, or practice. If your product or service passes the assessment it will be included in RedBook and GreenBook, our list of certificated products and services.

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Acoustics testing


In our dedicated UKAS accredited testing laboratories (0578) we offer a wide range of acoustic services including UKAS accredited sound insulation testing of a wide variety of construction and building products to the BS EN ISO 10140 series of standards.

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Engineering support


We use specialist testing to investigate the real behaviour of your structures, systems and products. Our structures laboratory is large enough to test at full scale, taking loads from 1kN to 10,000kN.




Fire safety testing


We have one of the largest fire research and testing laboratories in Europe, and we offer fire resistance testing for a range of industries including construction, marine, offshore.





Heat pump testing


Getting your heat pump products certified requires recognised and trusted test reports. We can assess heat pump products in the precisely controlled environmental chambers in our UKAS accredited facility.



Effects of new buildings on TV receptions


When planning for the construction of a new tall building, it’s crucial to carry out an assessment to determine the impact it will have on TV reception and who will be affected.






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Indoor environment testing


Our testing and monitoring services include airtightness testing, energy use, HVAC, air quality, lighting Indoor environment testing assessments, pollution and ventilation. All of which can help you see where you can improve your product’s performance.



Wind load testing


Our wind engineering test facilities are amongst the best in the UK It includes wind tunnels that can simulate natural wind in environments ranging from open countryside to city centres. We also offer site specific wind speed calculations for tower cranes to give you peace of mind on the safety of your construct site.


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Mental health product testing


Our independent testing and certification helps the health sector to ensure that patient environments do not contain hazards that can enable patient’s to take their own lives. We use a standardised method of evaluating the safety of mental health in-patient settings.


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Building Information Modelling (BIM) for individuals and businesses


Our leading expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM) enables us to offer you a choice of routes to BIM certification for both individuals and businesses.

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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


EPD quantifiably demonstrates the environmental impacts of a product. They are a Type III environmental label. They can be used as marketing material, and for the improvement of product manufacture, or process efficiency. They can also feed into whole building assessment schemes, other comparative tools, and building information modelling (BIM) CAD software to make comparisons and assess design options that improve a building’s environmental performance.

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Private rented sector licensing analysis

RedBook – Confidence in safety & performance

Specifiers trust RedBookLive for extensive lists of fire and security products and services, certificated to LPS and other key standards under the trusted LPCB brand. RedBook listings www.redbooklive.com

Listed products and services include:
– Automatic sprinkler, water spray and deluge systems
– Firebreak doors and shutters
– Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
– Fixed Fire Fighting Systems
– Installers
– Manual Fire Fighting Systems
– Passive fire protection products and systems
– Security systems
– Smoke and Fire Ventilation Systems





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Private rented sector licensing analysis

GreenBook – Environmental products

Your customers can choose products and services with genuine environmental credentials in GreenBookLive which includes a range of certification schemes:

–  BREEAM – The world’s leading sustainability system for the built environment
Responsible sourcing (BES 6001) – ensures that construction products have been responsibly and ethically sourced throughout the supply chain.
Ethical Labour – provides organisations with a framework to verify their systems and processes in relation to the Modern Slavery Act.
Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) – a comprehensive EPD scheme in line with the European standard EN 15804 and developed in consultation with industry.
Microgeneration energy products – we offer a wide range of UKAS accredited certification services against the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).


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ISO 9001


The world’s most established quality framework for assessing and certifying an organisation’s quality management system.


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ISO 14001


An authoritative demonstration of the quality of an organisation’s environmental management and commitment to the environment.

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ISO 45001:2018


A specification that helps to fully integrate health and safety into company policies and working practices.


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UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA)

UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) marking came into effect on January 1, 2021, giving manufacturers a 12-month transition period to obtain it before it was due to become mandatory on January 1, 2022. The transition period has since been extended to 30 June 2025. For individual products already circulating on the GB market prior to the end of the transition period, no additional action is needed. A certificate issued by an EU notified body that was valid immediately before that date continues to be valid for the purposes of the GB market. However, businesses must prepare for the end of recognition of the CE mark in GB and affix the UK marking using a UK-recognised ‘approved body’ on 30 June 2025.

As a previous UK notified body operating under the EU Construction Products Regulation 2011 (EU Regulation No. 305/2011) and based in the UK, BRE Global was granted new UK ‘approved body’ status and listed on the new UK database. BRE Global has the appropriate scope of accreditation and /notification for the issue of UKCA marking. See BRE Global’s scope of UKCA approved body activity.

Find out more about the impact on products covered by the Marine Equipment Directive.


Review and acceptance of test reports

Here are some examples of how BRE Global can help you with UKCA marking:

  • – An existing client of BRE Global who had CE marking (now with BRE Global Ireland)
  • – A new client of BRE Global who has CE marking with another Notified Body
  • – A new client of BRE Global who do not have a CE marking, but may have test reports from an accredited third-party laboratory
  • – A new or existing client of BRE Global (for example with a new product) who has no existing testing

Post-tensioning kits


Post-tensioning kits, used in new construction, repair and strengthening of existing structures, are primarily found in concrete structures, but can be used with other structural material such as steel masonry and timber.



The Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme database


Search a range of accurate and independently assessed thermal junction details, opening products (windows, doors and rooflights) and major elements (walls, roofs and floors), ensuring accuracy, consistency, credibility and quality throughout the design and specification process.


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Approved Certifiers of Design Scheme for Energy in Scotland


As part of the Building Standards System, they allow suitably experienced, trained and qualified professionals to assess compliance of the energy designs of domestic and non-domestic buildings with the requirements of the mandatory functional standards in Section 6 (Scottish Building Regulations).


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Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)


Our Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) scheme provides owners of innovative, environmentally beneficial technologies, with a way of validating the performance of their technology. Our independent verifications are carried out in accordance with the EU ETV General Verification Protocol and ISO 14034.


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Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete (Repair Scheme)


This scheme enables all necessary repairs to be made to PRC homes, according to a robust specification relevant to each property, meaning that repairs should only be carried out for essential items and should not be prohibitively expensive.


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Clients we work with

Insights and Case Studies

Hear from our clients on the business benefits our testing, certification and verification services


FirePro expand sales opportunities through LPCB certification

FirePro expand sales opportunities through LPCB certification

The relationship between FirePro and LPCB dates back to 1998 ...
BT Redcare gain multiple benefits from LPCB third-party certification

BT Redcare gain multiple benefits from LPCB third-party certification

BT Redcare started its certification journey for the Next Generation alarm range in early-2021 ...
Specwall introduced to the UK market following thorough BRE testing

Specwall introduced to the UK market following thorough BRE testing

By commissioning BRE to test their system, Specwall have been able to successfully determine product performance and use this information ...
Ceasefire demonstrate product quality through LPCB certification

Ceasefire demonstrate product quality through LPCB certification

The use of effective fire safety equipment is of the highest importance and is instrumental in saving lives and protecting ...
Ampac increase international business opportunities through LPCB testing and certification

Ampac increase international business opportunities through LPCB testing and certification

Limited testing options within Australia meant that Ampac decided the best way to achieve certification to these standards was to ...
JOD Engineering take access cover to market following successful LPCB certification

JOD Engineering take access cover to market following successful LPCB certification

JOD Engineering’s LPS1175 journey began following discussions with LPCB technical experts who explained what certification can offer to manufacturers ...

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