Electricity use by air conditioning

Electricity use by air conditioning

This study looked at improving DECC’s understanding and characterisation of UK electricity consumption by air conditioning in non-domestic buildings.

This study by DECC (now part of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) looks at energy use by air conditioning and comprises several different elements. It focused on systems in non-domestic buildings to support cooling function, rather than air handling. It aimed to improve understanding of UK electricity consumption by these systems.

Key findings

  • Analysis of measured consumptions in offices, including:

    • Annual electricity consumption

    • Relationship of demand with external temperature

    • Peak demand and annual load factors.

  • Examination of the contents of air conditioning inspection reports and energy performance certificates, including:

    • Distributions of reported efficiencies and calculated consumptions, by building and system type

    • Literature search

    • The development of procedures to extend the scope of DECC’s product policy model as applied to air conditioning.

Report summary

The views expressed in this report are those of the authors – Alan Abela, Lorna Hamilton, Roger Hitchin, Andy Lewry and Christine Pout, and not necessarily those of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (nor do they reflect Government policy).

It was published under the conditions of the Open Government Licence; i.e., this information (not including logos) may be used free of charge in any format or medium, subject to the terms of this Licence.

To view this licence, visit write to the Information Policy Team, The National Archives, Kew, London TW9 4DU, or email:

Any enquiries regarding this publication should be sent to Penny Dunbabin (email, please note DECC is now part of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

BRE has used all reasonable skill and care in respect of this report but does not warrant its accuracy or completeness. BRE does not guarantee that this report will be free from errors and omissions.

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