How SmartWaste supports BREEAM New construction

How SmartWaste supports BREEAM New construction

SmartWaste accurately captures the data required to support BREEAM new construction schemes.

There are several significant benefits for those who own, commission, deliver or manage buildings and infrastructure that are realised from implementing BREEAM. Whether cost-effectively recognising the value of sustainable development, reducing operational costs, mitigating investment and development risk, or making assets more financially attractive. 

As a leading sustainability and environmental monitoring and reporting system for construction and property development, SmartWaste accurately captures data required to support BREEAM new construction schemes. The system records data and evidence that works towards answering issues and gaining BREEAM credits.

How does SmartWaste support BREEAM new construction? 

SmartWaste helps customers manage their duty-of-care and compliance obligations, support their net zero carbon strategies and report on environmental, social and governance commitments. An intended consequence is that construction waste management (Wst 01), responsible construction practices (Man 03) and material efficiency (Mat 06) issues are addressed. SmartWaste delivers the following support capabilities: 

Drive compliance

Manage your site waste management Plan (SWMP) and compare actual outcomes with your Pre-demolition audit report.

Set and manage targets

Establish your construction waste management, energy and water use, and transportation impact ambitions for the project and set applicable targets. 

Record actual activity

Using SmartWaste’s data capture tools, e.g. direct input, application programming interface (API) or bulk upload functionality capture and collate waste, construction practice, energy, water, material and transport data accurately and reliably.  

Performance measurement and insight

SmartWaste shows progress towards BREEAM targets and which BREEAM credits this equates to. A broad set of relevant BREEAM key performance indicators (KPIs) are also supported. 

What Benefits does SmartWaste BREEAM new construction support deliver? 

Using SmartWaste to support BREEAM new construction can help the client realise significant benefits: 

Enhance their reputation, brand and stakeholder relationships

  • Demonstrate resource conservation, increased efficiency, and responsible and sustainable sourcing. 
  • Inform decisions to design out construction, demolition and excavation waste. 

Increase project value

Lower costs

  • Identify materials that can be reused and recycled. 
  • Manage waste sustainably and at the highest value. 
  • Outcome forecast based upon more detailed and more accurate data. 
  • Evidence BREEAM New Construction as a result of your day-to-day environmental and sustainability management activities 

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