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SAP Scientific Integrity Group (SAPSIG)

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The SAP Scientific Integrity Group maintains and protects the integrity, coherence and impartiality of the SAP model.


The Group’s main terms of reference are:

  • To safeguard the scientific integrity of the SAP model

  • To ensure the SAP methodology is consistent and robust, within the limits of accuracy needed for the purpose of SAP

  • To avoid uneven development (i.e. excessively detailed treatment in some areas while others remain relatively crude)

  • To balance complexity against practicalities (the practicalities being cost of development and future maintenance, time and effort needed for a SAP assessment, training and skills level of assessors)

  • To disregard specific commercial and political considerations and ensure they do not influence decisions

  • To work with BIES’ SAP contractors to amend existing processes.

You can view and download the full SAPSIG terms of reference here.


SAPSIG members

Members of the Group are expected to possess a clear understanding of the role and scope of SAP and give feedback and recommendations on the principles to be followed whenever it is to be altered.  This will apply to any review of existing treatment and to any extension of scope as provided by the Appendix Q application route.  The Group’s feedback and recommendations inform BRE and BEIS regarding the development of SAP but are not binding upon them (for example, it is conceivable there could be policy considerations that would mean that a specific recommendation should not be implemented).

The Group will normally meet between one and four times a year, subject to the amount of business requiring their attention.  Any correspondence that is directed to the Group (e.g. concerning specific recommendations or feedback that it makes) should be addressed to

The members are volunteers who are not paid for undertaking the Group’s activities.  Matters raised in correspondence will generally only be discussed during the meetings and, subject to any limitations that might be imposed by confidentiality considerations, will be recorded in the minutes.  The minutes will be accessible on this webpage.

The Group currently has 8 members, who are:

  • Martin Searle

  • Neil Cutland

  • Simon Lannon

  • Richard Fitton

  • Ashley Bateson

  • Kevin Lomas

  • Stuart Fairlie

  • Adam Tilford

Government invites are:

  • BEIS: Nicola Benton and Afiyah Ibrahim

  • MHCLG: Victoria Tink

Additionally, as required, experts / specialist can be invited.

The members, chair, secretariat and any invitees are required to behave in a scrupulously independent and impartial manner. Consequently, in their group roles, they must not represent the interests of any other bodies.  They have all confirmed that they are not subject to any conflict of interests and have no prospects of direct or indirect commercial gain from the Group’s recommendations or decisions.  If a conflict of interest or prospect of commercial gain were to arise in future they have a duty to inform the other members.

SAPSIG documents

SAPSIG Terms of reference

Meeting on the 19th April 2018:

SAPSIG Agenda 19th April 2018

SAPSIG Minutes 19th April 2018

Meeting on the 10th May 2016:

SAPSIG Agenda 10th May 2016

SAPSIG Minutes 10th May 2016

Meeting on the 10th July 2015:

SAPSIG Agenda 10th July 2015

SAPSIG Minutes 10th July 2015

Meeting on the 19th September 2014:

SAPSIG Agenda 19th September 2014

SAPSIG Minutes 19th September 2014

SAPSIG development debate 19th September 2014

Meeting on the 21st November 2012:

SAPSIG Agenda 21st November 2012

SAPSIG minutes 21st November 2012 

Meeting on the 8th August 2012:

SAPSIG Agenda 8th August 2012

SAPSIG minutes 8th August 2012