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Natural beauty company APIVITA gain BREEAM Excellent for Athens HQ

APIVITA achieved a BREEAM Excellent rating for its headquarters, with initiatives to improve energy efficiency and boost employee wellbeing.


The “APIVITA Hive” is located in Markopoulo Mesogaias, Attica (Athens) in Greece and serves as the company’s headquarters. It houses research and development labs, and production facilities with a total building area of 5,872 sqm. A BREEAM assessment was carried out to enhance the sustainability performance of the building, increasing its productivity and efficiency, to align with one of the six pillars of APIVITA’s 2030 environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. The project team aimed for a “Very Good” rating, but expectations were exceeded and the APIVITA Hive was awarded an “Excellent” rating. The company plans to strive for an “Outstanding” rating in the future.


APIVITA is a natural beauty care brand that has its roots in historic Greek beekeeping, and employs cutting-edge green cosmetology in the creation of its products. Founded in Greece in 1979 by two pharmacists, the company currently offers over 300 products in 55 countries.


The company underwent a BREEAM assessment to evaluate the management and operation of the building, with the goal of planning future infrastructure investments and creating an improvement plan.

With the help and guidance of project assessors EcoVeritas and project consultant Pantelis Levantis, the company decided to aim for an “Excellent” rating, making specific and immediate improvements to maximise the building’s functionality and minimise its environmental impact.

The building serves as a workplace for 305 employees, with 150 of them spending 8-9 hours there daily. It was important for the company to ensure the sustainability and highest standards of wellness for its employees.

The company chose BREEAM over other standards due to the advice from EcoVeritas and Mr. Levantis, who communicated the advantages of the standard and its alignment with the company’s culture of continuous improvement for business and sustainability goals.


The building received a score of 27 out of 30 credits available in water efficiency, reflecting full compliance in credits such as having a leak detection system, isolation valves, and water-efficient equipment. The company has also committed to water saving measures in a country  which is prone to droughts.

The building received a score of 16 out of 18 available credits (88.69%) in resilience, achieved through full compliance in all subcategories.

Land use and ecology
A score of 83.33% was achieved in land use and ecology, with one additional exemplary credit earned through an onsite ecologist inspection confirming the building’s support for local native species.

Health and wellbeing
The building received a score of 69.57% in health and wellbeing, reflecting its commitment for the well-being of its staff, through full compliance with lighting control and additional rest areas.


The BREEAM assessment provided many important benefits to the company, including increased awareness and knowledge of the building’s performance and usage, resulting in a 55% reduction in energy consumption through the replacement of traditional lighting with LED lighting.

The company’s participation also improved its brand perception and added sustainable value. APIVITA demonstrated its dedication to sustainability by ensuring its “oikos” (home) was at the forefront of its achievements.

Employee wellness and satisfaction
The changes resulting from the BREEAM assessment had a positive impact on the wellness of employees at the workplace.

Initiatives implemented immediately after the assessment increased staff satisfaction, as reflected in the results of a national “Best Places to Work” survey, where APIVITA scored highly.

Examples of these initiatives include the launch of a second corporate bus route to accommodate employees living in the southern districts of Athens, and the installation of 33 electric fast charge points for the company’s new electric and hybrid vehicles also promotes the use of sustainable transport.

These initiatives demonstrated the company’s commitment to improving the well-being and comfort of its employees and were well received by the staff.

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