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Regulatory fire testing

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Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, DCLG asked BRE Global to contact customers with BR 135 classifications for external cladding systems.

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Following the tragic fire that occurred at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, BRE Global was asked by DCLG to contact all of our customers who had tested and achieved BR 135 classifications for their external cladding systems.

Where permission to publish details of a cladding system has been granted by the customer, this document summarises the generic components included within these cladding systems. Please note that this generic information is provided to assist building owners (and/or their representatives) to identify if they have a similar type of cladding system. If further information on the details of a system are required, then please make direct contact with the relevant company using the contact information in the table.

The classification of the cladding systems, also found in this document relate to test results of the cladding system as tested in accordance with BS 8414 part 1 or 2. These do not constitute an approval, certification or endorsement by BRE Global of the cladding systems tested and no such claims should be made on websites, marketing material or reports. The performance of the cladding systems tested will depend on the design, materials, workmanship and maintenance.