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About the Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme


The Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme provides a non-government database for independently assessed thermal junction details.


As required for Building Regulations/Standards compliance in relation to Thermal Bridging, the Scheme and database allows users ongoing independent, third party assessment and certification of the ‘as designed’ thermal performance of:

  • Building junction details (e.g. SAP Table K1 + some bespoke detail types)

  • Opening products (e.g. windows, doors and rooflights)

  • Major (plane) building elements (e.g. wall, roof and floor products)

This ensures that the performance requirements of the appropriate standards are met and maintained.


Why is thermal bridging important?

A thermal bridge, also called a cold bridge, is an area of a building construction which has a significantly higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials. This is typically where there is either a break in the insulation, less insulation or the insulation is penetrated by an element with a higher thermal conductivity.

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