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Construction materials management


SmartWaste offers efficient data capture to enable you to select and use sustainable construction materials, and manage them more sustainably too.


Managing materials efficiently is essential for sustainability. SmartWaste’s construction materials management software offers efficient data capture and strategies for optimising use of materials.


Efficient materials management for sustainable construction

Good materials management is essential for sustainable construction. It can reduce carbon emissions and minimise waste and other environmental impacts, all contributing to a greener construction industry. Managing materials efficiently can also cut costs.

Data capture

Accurate data capture is the first step towards effective materials management. With SmartWaste, you can record detailed data on materials, helping you understand your usage patterns and devise strategies for optimisation and reduction.

Insights for sustainable decisions

SmartWaste provides the tools you need to streamline your materials management. From tracking the use of certified and non-certified materials, through responsible sourcing, to understanding their embodied carbon impacts, our software equips you with the insights you need to make better, more sustainable decisions.

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See how our customers are using SmartWaste to manage materials

See how our customers are using SmartWaste to manage materials

Our case studies showcase how SmartWaste has helped businesses to optimise their materials management for sustainable construction. See how companies have achieved significant savings and reduced their environmental impacts.

View SmartWaste case studies

See SmartWaste in action

Interested in our materials management solutions? Watch the SmartWaste product demo video and see how our software can streamline your construction operations.

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See SmartWaste in action