Productivity fix for construction's most used health and safety tool

Productivity fix for construction's most used health and safety tool

Users of BRE’s health and safety tool, YellowJacket, are set to benefit from a new lean construction tracking feature to help measure and improve productivity.

12,000 users of BRE’s health and safety tool YellowJacket are set to benefit from a new lean construction tracking feature that will help them measure and improve productivity in the onsite delivery of their construction projects. 

The tool enhancement comes hot on the heels of a recent announcement by Head of the Infrastructure Commission Lord Adonis who said raising productivity was as a critical issue for the industry in light of the major infrastructure projects being planned.

Lean construction is about improving efficiency in the design and construction stages by applying lean construction principals.  In practice this means looking at processes and people and identifying and removing wasteful activities that prevent value being effectively delivered. Its aim is to improve project delivery timescales and reduce costs for the benefit of the client and the contractor.

YellowJacket’s new lean feature enables users to capture real time data related to time spent on non-value-added activities for example the process issue type, the number of people involved and the amount of time lost on site for each process issue. Data captured will be displayed in visual reports including heat maps, graphs and timelines, letting you know exactly how your projects are performing. By collecting this performance data users can start to identify and target areas where improvements can be made.

BRE YellowJacket Director Crawford Burns said ‘Improving productivity and reducing costs and delivery time are key tenets of the Governments Construction 2025 strategy which sets out a plan to deliver a 33% reduction in construction project costs and a 50% reduction in overall project delivery time. Our aim is to help our customers who are already gathering data on Health and Safety to start measuring their processes in line with lean and ultimately improve productivity’ The new feature is free to access for all current YellowJacket users.

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