Revealing the indirect benefits of BREEAM certification

Revealing the indirect benefits of BREEAM certification

BREEAM is a powerful tool in its own right, but it also comes with a huge number of co-benefits. It not only supports climate action but also shields against escalating energy prices, carbon pricing, and taxation. Additionally, it promotes the creation of low-energy, efficient, and highly valuable buildings.

As well as being a world leading certification scheme, BREEAM connects to a number of local and global initiatives.

This article highlights some of those indirect benefits of BREEAM that help you maximise the value of your asset. It reveals the connections we craft for you, so you can simply specify and use BREEAM for your built environment, community and investments.

Comprehensive sustainability compliance with BREEAM 

BREEAM is a leading sustainability assessment method for the built environment. Through an integrated view of different components of sustainable building, it promotes construction which addresses climate change and more.  Energy efficiency adds resilience against risk such as high energy or emerging carbon pricing and increases asset marketability and value. BREEAM promotes approaches that incorporate solutions to net zero carbon, whole life carbon, health and social impactscircularity and resiliencebiodiversity, and disclosures and reporting.

Third party verification

Third-party verification is a key feature of our BREEAM suite of sustainability standards. Our industry-trusted, independent, assessors ensure the credentials of any building that is BREEAM-certified. The reputation BREEAM has built over 30 years means that it is recognised and respected by governmental and scientific institutions around the world, continuing with BREEAM Version 7.

Benefits of BREEAM

Using BREEAM means more than just making sure your asset is certifiably sustainable. An assessed building or portfolio gives a great number of other benefits, especially for assets and organisations that aspire to be net zero carbon.

Indirect benefits of BREEAM – click to enhance image.
Indirect benefits of BREEAM – click to enhance image.

BREEAM-rated buildings integrate with other industry sustainability initiatives such as CRREM and SBTi. BREEAM also means achievement of specific GRESB credits and alignment with elements of EU Taxonomy. Alongside this, there are many direct and indirect benefits your organisation can gain through BREEAM certification.

BREEAM’s indirect benefits are numerous and include the step towards a range of different standards, and helping to get funding and planning permission, by showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In some places, governments and local authorities require compliance with sustainability standards for new construction projects or major renovations.

Read more details on BREEM, SBTI and CRREM alignment.

Discover how BREEAM can help your organisation with its net zero objectives.

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