BREEAM USA takes part in GBES webinar on value of sustainable buildings

BREEAM USA takes part in GBES webinar on value of sustainable buildings

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BREEAM’s US Director of Operations participated in a webinar in collaboration with GBES called Delivering Real Estate Value through Sustainable Buildings.

Last month, BREEAM’s US Director of Operations, Breana Wheeler, participated in a webinar in collaboration with Green Building Education Services (GBES) entitled “Delivering Real Estate Value through Sustainable Buildings”. She was joined by BREEAM In-Use assessor Gregory Patton of Sustainable Investment Group, along with moderator Dean D’Angelo, President at GBES. 

Throughout the session, Breana delved into the details of BREEAM and our impact on the built environment to date, as well as our continued mission to drive meaningful change across every sector of real estate. Through a comprehensive overview of BREEAM In-Use, Breana illustrated: 

    • The steps to achieving asset certification with BREEAM
    • The processes through which BREEAM ratings are measured
    • BREEAM’s commitment to working toward net-zero carbon and the opportunities and challenges posed by carbon emissions
    • The importance of an asset’s resilience, especially as we work to tackle the pressing issue of climate change
    • BREEAM’s holistic, science-backed approach to sustainability
    • How BREEAM is unlocking the potential of existing buildings


Patton shared a practitioner’s view on BREEAM, demonstrating what goes into becoming a BREEAM In-Use assessor. He spoke on the robust roadmap BREEAM provides, allowing assets to achieve constant improvement and ultimately reach higher ratings. 

Throughout her overview of BREEAM In-Use, Breana went into detail about BREEAM’s unique methodology. 

BREEAM’s approach has always been about meeting projects where they are, recognizing the sustainability value that is within that asset, and using the program and the rating to provide transparency and accountability,
– she said. 

The session ended with a lively Q&A discussion, exemplifying the passion of leaders in the industry who share our vision for building a resilient, more sustainable future.

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