Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10)

This site hosts documents and information relating to version 10 of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10).

SAP 10.2, in conjunction with the 2019 edition of BRE 443, is to be used for Building Regulations purposes in England from June 2022 and in Wales from November 2022. Other administrations are expected to adopt it soon as part of their regulatory updates.

The specification for the latest edition of Reduced data SAP, RdSAP10, is also given below. If you have any queries about this specification please direct them to [email protected].

Only approved SAP software can be used for official purposes.

A list of approved software is shown under ‘downloads’, below.



RdSAP10 specification (13/02/2024)

SAP 10.2 specification (11/04/2023)

SAP 10 version history

SAP 10 amendments log

Current list of approved SAP 10 software

Briefing note on primary energy factors used in SAP 10 (01/10/2019)

SAP 10 Technical Paper S10TP-15: CO2 and Primary Energy Factors for SAP Version 1.1 (25/11/2020)

MV MVHR Intermittent fans calculator October 2022

SAP conventions version 9 December 2022

SAP 10 Conventions version 10_0 applicable to SAP10_2 

SAP 10 Conventions version 10 Dec 2022 amended July 2023

SAP 10 technical papers can be found here.

Earlier versions of SAP 10 related documents can be found here.