DuurzaamheidsCertificering BV, winners of the BREEAM Best Assessor Award 2024

Pioneering sustainability in the built environment with DuurzaamheidsCertificering BV, winners of the BREEAM Best Assessor Award 2024


Founded in 2018, DuurzaamheidsCertificering (DC) has swiftly become a leader, making sustainability certification both achievable and enjoyable for its clients within the Dutch real estate market. With a comprehensive approach to BREEAM certification, DC has established itself as a trusted partner in enhancing the built environment's sustainability.


DC was founded to simplify the complexities of obtaining sustainability certifications in the Dutch real estate market. With over a decade of experience in the sustainability sector, the founders aimed to make the process more accessible. Operating out of Houten, Utrecht, DC's team of nine employees, with diverse professional backgrounds, works across various sectors including retail, leisure, residential, offices, and industrial, providing both expert and assessor roles in the BREEAM-NL schemes


DC, based in Houten, Utrecht, operates within the BREEAM-NL New Construction and In-Use schemes, providing expert and assessor roles. The company’s mission is to simplify the certification process, making it accessible and practical for all stakeholders. With a diverse team of nine employees from various professional backgrounds, DC is committed to continuous improvement and excellence in sustainability.


The evolving nature of sustainability standards and client expectations also requires DC to stay ahead of industry trends and continually update its knowledge base. This is particularly challenging in a competitive market where clients demand high levels of expertise and quick turnaround times. Ensuring all projects met the stringent BREEAM criteria while also being completed within tight deadlines required meticulous planning and coordination.


DC leverages its deep understanding of the BREEAM framework to streamline the certification process for its clients. Key solutions include:

  • Comprehensive training: All team members undergo rigorous internal training before becoming BREEAM assessors, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Innovative practices: DC implemented advanced technologies and methodologies, such as energy performance assessments and CO2 sensor installations, to improve building efficiency and occupant comfort.
  • Tailored action plans: For each project, DC developed detailed action plans prioritising cost-effective improvements, ensuring maximum return on investment for clients.
  • Client engagement: DC involved clients in the certification process through quick scans of their assets, fostering ownership and motivation to achieve sustainability goals.


The BREEAM certification provided multiple benefits, clearly demonstrating the value of sustainable practices:

  • Risk mitigation: Identification and mitigation of potential risks, enhancing asset resilience.
  • Efficiency improvements: Enhanced asset management efficiency, leading to cost reductions and operational savings.
  • Market position: Improved market position by aligning with recognised global sustainability standards.
  • Tenant satisfaction: Healthier and more productive working environments for tenants, supporting their CSR goals.
  • Environmental impact: Significant reductions in energy and water usage through targeted upgrades.
  • Financial incentives: Easier access to green financing and incentives due to improved sustainability credentials.
  • Future planning: Establishment of a baseline performance to inform ongoing improvements and maintenance strategies.
  • Portfolio performance: Overall increase in average asset score, contributing to enhanced market competitiveness and asset value.
We are driven by internal motivation to make the built environment more sustainable. We practice what we preach and teach what we practice. Our issues are shared by many, so why not be transparent? This is how we make sustainable actions achievable.
– Pim Klinkenberg, Co-Founder, DuurzaamheidsCertificering

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DuurzaamheidsCertificering (DC)
DuurzaamheidsCertificering (DC)
BREEAM-NL New Construction & In-Use
Excellent (varies by project)

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