NABERS UK introducing Whole Building and Tenancy ratings

NABERS UK will be expanding to include Whole Building and Tenancy ratings, completing the NABERS UK Energy for Offices suite.

We are delighted to let you know that the NABERS UK scheme will shortly be extended to include Whole Building and Tenancy ratings. These two additional ratings will join the NABERS UK Base Buildings rating, launched in November 2020, and will complete the NABERS UK Energy for Offices suite.

Energy for Offices benchmarks are developed using actual data and generate a rating by comparing the energy consumption of a building against the sector average.

Base building – Occurs when central services like heating and cooling systems, lifts and lobby lighting are rated.

– Occurs when businesses choose to rate the space they occupy within a building. The tool is tailored for the tenancy market by looking at area of office, hours of occupancy and number of occupants.

Whole Building – Measures the combined base building and tenant occupied space in one rating. This usually occurs when there is a single tenant occupying an entire building.

Once launched, office tenants will be able to use NABERS UK to assess the energy used by their tenanted space. Typically, this would include lighting and power, special tenancy requirements or local air conditioning.

Additionally, building owners will be able to undertake assessments on their whole building. This allows the sum of the base building and all the tenancy ratings in the building. This rating can also be used by owners where the metering configuration does not facilitate base building rating.

BRE have been working very closely with NABERS and BBP on operationalising Whole Building and Tenancy assessment offerings for NABERS UK. We are now in the final phases of development works, and in the coming weeks, will be able to share a launch date.

Details of the launch will be going out through our usual communication channels, but if you are keen to keep up to date, we can add you to our registered interest list and we will be in touch as soon as we have published a launch date.

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